Thursday, December 29, 2016

China Urges US to Block Taiwan's President Stop-over in USA : China/US relations in free fall

South China Morning Post cited An Fengshan, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office at the State Council, as saying on 28 December.

"Their attempts will not succeed. They will end up with their heads broken and bleeding,"

Chinese spokesperson on latest attempt of US To move under Trump from one China Policy and trouble brewing in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Interesting times curse for 2017 year of the Rooster

Consulted Donald J Trump's Chinese Horoscope - its not a good year for Trump the Dog - love and health problems in 2017

Democracy and Class Struggle says when problems come they will not come one at a time in a neat order - but in multiples on all continents in 2017 thanks to the great master of disorder Donald J Trump - some international observers think that there will an improvement in Russia US relations and that problems with Iran and China are down the road - NO THEY ARE NOT.

They will be up front early in 2017 before any possible love in of Putin and Trump which was always a right wing fantasy anyway shared by some RT commentators who should know better and Alex "The Arsebarker" Jones of Infowars in the United States.