Saturday, December 10, 2016

Towards 2017 - A History of Russia - A History of a Civilization ?

Democracy and Class Struggle says the idea of a Russian civilisation is not nationalistic.

There are two translations of the word “Russian”: russkaya and rossiiskaya; the former means narrowly ethnic Russian, while the latter is all-encompassing and civic.

The concept of a rossiiskaya culture includes Russian culture, Tatar Culture, Chechen culture and so on. Rossiiskaya civilisation is the sum of cultural historical types.

This is not Russification, quite the opposite – this is aimed at maintaining  cultural variety but this has not stopped people conflating the two to advance a Russophobic political agenda'particularly in US Foreign Policy Journals.

These same journals have no problem with talking about Western, Indian or Chinese Civilization but go into apoplexy when you mention Russian Civilization.

We provide the above videos's as a prelude to looking at the Soviet Union at its limitations and its progress in the 20th Century in the battle to advance revolutionary socialism.