Saturday, December 24, 2016

Toward 2017 - October 1917 - Eisenstein's October Film Tribute for 10th Anniversary of Russian Revolution - A Gift from The Russian Working Class to the World


You may destroy us in Russia. You may destroy the Russian revolution in Russia. You may overthrow me. It will make no difference. A hundred years ago the monarchies of Britain, Prussia, Austria, Russia, overthrew the government of revolutionary France. They restored a monarch, who was called a legitimate monarch, to power in Paris. But they could not stop, and they did not stop, the middle-class political revolution, the revolution of middle class democracy, which had been started at Paris by the men of the French Revolution of 1789. They could not save feudalism.

"Every system of feudal aristocratic social control in Europe was destined to be destroyed by the political democratic social control worked out by the French Revolution. Every system of political democratic social control in the world to-day is destined now to be destroyed by the economic producers' social control worked out by the Russian revolution.

"Colonel Robins, you do not believe it. I have to wait for events to convince you. You may see foreign bayonets parading across Russia. 

You may see the Soviets, and all the leaders of the Soviets, killed. 

You may see Russia dark again as it was dark before. 

But the lightning out of that darkness has destroyed political democracy everywhere. 

It has destroyed it not by physically striking it, but simply by one flash of revealment of the future."