Saturday, November 28, 2015

To David Cameron Prime Minster and Carwyn Jones First Minister of Wales - You dress your Mealy words in subtle clothing - You bless the dogs of war with priestly cant - I loathe you with an everlasting loathing arch hypocrite and royal sycophant - Thomas Evan Nicholas

Just heared that the Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones has supported Cameron's call for bombing of Syria under pretext of attacking ISIS  - so I thought people should hear the true authentic voice of Radical Anti Imperialist - Wales

The voice of Niclas Y Glais a great  Welshman and Bard who opposed First World War and Imperialism.

His message is directly addressed to First Minister Carwyn Jones and Prime Minister David Cameron.

And when you pray and pray I cannot listen,
Your silky hands, so steeped in blood, I dread,
From holy altar's, easeful shade I hasten
When on the upward steps I hear your tread.

You dress your mealy words in subtle clothing,
You bless the dogs of war with priestly cant,
I loathe you with an everlasting loathing,
Arch-hypocrite and royal sycophant.

Humanity in need can wait no longer,
And you like foolish mummer on bent knee –
The blood and fat of ox won't feed my hunger –
While untold corpses litter hill and lea.

Your paws are red with blood, you fleshy knave,
Who panting runs with beast of primal cave.

Thomas Evan Nicholas (6 October 1879 – 19 April 1971) also known as Niclas Y Glais one of the sonnets written while he was in Swansea and Brixton prisons for his anti-war activities.

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