Sunday, November 15, 2015


 By Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson, International League ...of Peoples' Struggle

We, the International League of Peoples' Struggle, express our sincerest condolences to the people of France and condemn in the strongest terms the terrrorist attacks in several crowded areas of Paris on November 13 that killed at least 127 people and wounded more than 200 (99 of whom suffered serious injuries) with the use of assault rifles and bombs.

The casualties are still being assessed.

Such systematic mass murder of civilians is an unmitigated crime against humanity and can never be construed as a just political act.

It is of the same fabric as the worst kind of terrorism that such imperialist powers as the US, other NATO members, and such regional proxies as Israel, unleash through wars of aggression and special military operations that murder and maim millions of civilians, destroy their social infrastructure and displace the people from their homes and land. In Iraq alone, the US killed 1.4 million Iraqi civilians and turned millions of people into refugees.

The Daesh or Islamic State (also called the ISIS or ISIL or the State of the caliphate) has already declared responsibility for the heinous crime and has detailed how it deployed eight operatives with assault rifles and bomb belts to wreak murder and mayhem. The targets included the Bataclan concert hall where most of the victims were killed, the vicinity of the Stade de France where French president Hollande was watching a friendship football game between France and Germany, La Belle Equipe, Le Carillon and Le Petit Cambodge.

This evil force Daesh was originally created, trained, armed and supplied by the US, UK, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey to further debilitate and destabilize governments, like those of Syria and Iran, that oppose US imperialism and Zionist Israel in the Middle East. The imperialist powers would later shed crocodile tears only after the Daesh brazenly beheaded Western journalists and Christians and would pretend to fight them. It is now the Russian air force and the Syrian and Kurdish ground forces that are now effectively fighting the Daesh.

The Daesh is the outgrowth or blowback of the wars of aggression unleashed by the US and NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the destruction of the Qaddafi government in Libya. The imperialist powers organized the Daesh in recent times for the purpose of threatening governments in Iraq, Syria and Iran and disposing stocks of weapons from post Qaddafi Libya via Turkey and Jordan.

Trying in vain to justify its terrorist attacks in Paris, the Daesh accuses France of participating in bombing raids on Daesh positions in Syria and engaging in an anti-Muslim crusade in the Middle East together with the US. The Daesh is a mini-terrorist group compared to the mega-terrorist imperialist powers that kill and injure civilians by the hundreds of thousands with their weapons of mass destruction in a matter of a few months in each war of aggression.

This is not the first time that the US and other imperialist powers create and use armed groups that call themselves Islamic fundamentalists or jihadists and then discard them after a while. They collaborated with Osama bin Laden against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. After being discarded, bin Laden organized the Al Qaida as a force hostile to the US and carried out the 9-11 operations, which in turn became the pretext for the US to adopt a policy of “perpetual and borderless” global war of terror and unleash a series of aggressive wars.

The ILPS and the people of the world are concerned that the authorities and rightist parties and groups in France and the whole of European Union might use the criminal attacks on the people of Paris to justify wars of aggression as did the US consequent to 9-11, undertake merciless repressive actions and whip up fascism, racism and religious bigotry against Muslims and refugees and against the people in general who assert and exercise their democratic rights.

The ILPS calls upon all its member-organizations and allies to thwart the scheme of the imperialist powers to use the terrorism of their former wards as pretext for far larger terrorism

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