Monday, November 30, 2015

Mauricio Macri : War on Venezuela by Jesus Rojas

                                  The face of the right in Argentina - Mauricio Macri

Democracy and Class Struggle we should note the new counter offensive against  Venezuela and attempts to restore US Hegemony in Latin America with the election of Mauricio Macri in Argentina and a increased attempts at de-stabilsation  of Venezuela State prior to and during Venezuelan elections of December 6th.

Macri certainly was the winner of the race for the presidency in Argentina. Cristina
recognizes this, in so doing, she demonstrates her honesty and democratic spirit.

He wins, but has yet to reveal what will be his economic policies.

There will be only one dollar, we do not know for whom will be.

What it is now coming to Argentina is a great loss of its sovereignty and there is a plan
of the international right-wing to go against the people who have made progress. Within 

the scope of the Bolivarian forces in Latin America,

Macri's victory means no encouragement to emerging policies in Latin America and the Caribbean, "what we're seeing with that victory of the right-wing and neo liberalism in elections in
Argentina involves a realignment of political ideology from Mercosur and Unasur
and that constitute  the policies that have been  in the joint cooperation - a political setback"

With the triumph of these neo liberal forces  that hinder these base policies in Latin

What is observed is the loss of sovereignty for the Republic of Argentina
because the advances that could have been given in the integration processes
are lost and we could be in the presence of a new position or a new front of the

What we see in these elections we express from the Bolivarian Venezuela view
through lines of sovereignty that we have raised in the construction of a new block
allowing people self-determination, to start building the new economies, 

The  new integration processes allowing cooperation and sovereignty to tackle global
problems was a  political earthquake,

In this sense, the people of America where large strategic wealth of the planet
are accumulated can maintain and achieve their sovereignty and independence.

Machiavellian plan

There are hidden interests, "We note that these stances of  Macri`s of proposing
the suspension of Venezuela from Mercosur, the with intentions they are not
accidental when international lines are beginning to introduce previous to the
electoral events the introduction of some processes against human rights in
Venezuela, this is part of the Machiavellian plan that is brewing against the peoples
of America.

Macri covers up that his ideological nutrient with  frivolity and his colorful balloons.
He makes puns when babbles on its promises to support social policies instituted
by socialism, and very similar to those from Venezuela, he will seek to maintain them
without any creativity.

The question arises - the question about how he can defend them. 

In Macri, until today, hides everything,  his hatred against Venezuela. He
promises to apply the discredited Democratic Charter. 

Already they scolded for that first gaffe.

Where he does not lack bellows is moving its aggression against our country.
to him as many from here still hurts the force that brought chavismo throughout Latin America.

So much, that even Bush himself suffered with his remarkable strength, when he tried to
impose the free trade agreement in Mar de Plata and recieved a lethal punch ten years ago.

He was told to "take a hike" a slap that is still marked in the face of the right-wing people. 

Symbol of sovereignty that Macri proposes to avenge.

It is hard for someone of the right-wing to live with the insignia of  of the
author of the emergence of this expansive wave of socialist governments in our continent: Kirchner, in Argentina; Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, in Brazil; Rafael Correa, in Ecuador; Evo Morales, in Bolivia; José Pepe Mujica,in Uruguay; Daniel Ortega, in Nicaragua, in addition to give fresh air  to Pablo Iglesias in Spain and in Greece to Alexis Tsipras and many others who have benefitted from this wave in the global period.

That explains the itching that the Venezuelan left-wing causes to Macri, who hates us as before Menem hated Cuba, and see the same right-wing and the same newspaper La Nación pushing a war against Venezuela.


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