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Nepal : Indian Blockade and Nepalese Maoists by Rishi Raj Baral

                            This article reflects the personal views of Rishi Raj Baral

At the outset, I would like to inform that, since two months, we Nepalese people are facing ruthless economic blockade, imposed by the Indian expansionism. Indian fascist government wants Nepal to be under his control like Bhutan, a small landlocked country of South East Asia. 

It wants to treat Nepal as his own province. Indian expansionism is exercising neo-colonialism, forgetting that Nepal, a country which safeguarded its sovereignty and independence even at the time when the world was divided among the world empires, is a sovereign, independent country.

Nepal has executed new Constitution and has formed a new government in the leadership of K.P.  Oli, Chairman of UCPN (ML). The new constitution of Nepal is not a people's constitution, it is not based on the revolutionary content. In fact, it is a constitution based on multiparty parliamentary system. And the newly formed government also is not the government of Communist revolutionaries. UCPN (ML) and UCPN(Maoist) both are the followers of multiparty parliamentary system. 

But, it is a matter of surprise that, India has imposed economic blockade, violating the international law on the rights of a landlocked country.  It is known to all that India wished to manage the Nepalese Constitution in his own command and to form the government in the leadership of of pro- Indian parties like Nepali Congress and Tarai (plain) based  parties.

The blockade imposed by India has produced a lot of fury among the Nepalese. It will be better to make clear that, federal system was/is not the voice of the Nepalese People, it was forcefully imposed by the Indian expansionism through Tarai based pro-Indian parties and NGOs, so that, India could mange plain area of Nepal according to his interest. No doubt, India’s design is to split Tarai region and merge the Nepali territory in the Indian union.  It is known to all that, after the invasion on Sikkim, Indira  Gandhi, then Prime Minister of India, had intended to split the southern part of Nepal, through political conspiracy.

It is the matter to note that, India has not clarified, on claims made by former RAW chief RK Yadav regarding Indian plans to break the Tarai region. Yadav, chief of RAW  during Indira Gandhi’s tenure as PM, in his book, Mission RAW , stated that India had planned to disintegrate the Tarai region. 'Madhesi Morchaa'  is the joint front of Tarai based pro-Indian parties, who is working  for the Indian interest. Now Modi Government is executing that unfinished work by Indira Gandhi, through these anti- nationalist elements.

India has not given permission to entrance any vehicle including fuel and Medicine in the Nepalese territory. Fuel problem, particularly lack of cooking gas and medicine are the main problem that Nepalese people are facing these days. In fact, it is the declaration of war by India, against Nepal and Nepalese People.

They have come out in the street chanting the slogan 'Back off India', 'Modi! Remove Blockade'. Not only this, we have got support and understanding from the intellectuals and journalists of India and abroad.

It is a matter of worry that Oli government has no any scientific plan and program to solve this national crisis. Frequently Nepalese People are facing these problems since long time (it is third time that India has imposed blockade on Nepal) and now we want a long term policy, plan and program to solve this type of crisis. Words are not enough, people want to be aware of in action.

Now we have another question, in such critical circumstance. where are the Maoists of Nepal? What should they do and what are they doing? In fact, we have a vital question:  Are there Maoists in Nepal? This is the question to be answered.

Yes, there are, but, all the glitters is not gold.

I have not to say anything more about UCPN (Maoist) and Prachanda- Bhattarai, a lot of has been written about them. As I have mentioned above,  they have declared themselves as the follower of pluralism, multiparty democracy and parliamentary system. Now Prachanda and his followers are enjoying with more and more chairs in the Oli government. 

Baburam Bhattarai, who is known as the faithful client of Indian expansionism, has left the accompany of Prachanda and going to form another party based on 'social democracy'.

Each and every Nepalese citizen knows, that since long time, he is working for the Indian interest. 

He is one of the key person, who betrayed the Nepalese Maoist Movement and now he is betraying with the National  interest.

'Madhesi Morchaa' and Baburam Bhattarai are moving in the same direction, as guided by their Indian Master.

Then there remains two 'Maoist' organizations, one is led by Mohan Baidhya 'Kiran' and another  led by Netra Bikram Chanda 'Biplav'.

Mohan Baidhya 'Kiran' who was (now I am compelled to mention 'was') known as a revolutionary leader, also have lost his presence among the oppressed people. In fact, he has lost his revolutionary ground.  He is the strong supporter of federal system and identity politics. 

His group wants to reunite with UCPN (Maoist) led by Prachanda, and to take part in local and national election. Now Kiran faction has joined hands with a small faction CPN (Unified), led by Pari Thapa, who always denied Maoism and played the negative role during the Ten Years People's War. After the party unification they have named it as CPN (Revolutionary Maoist). 

Though they have named it as 'Revolutionary Maoist', but philosophically, ideologically and politically they have abandoned the revolutionary path, the path of Peoples War and the New Democratic Revolution, guided by Comrade Mao tse-tung.

In their press statement, released after the party unification, they have mentioned that the political line of their party will be 'people's revolt'. It means, that they have taken the road of Russian Model, the Model of October Revolution.  In reality, they are heading towards the same road adopted by Prachanda, in the name of changing national/international situation. 

No doubt, sooner or later Kiran will join hands with Prachanda. Not only this, they have made alliance with 'Federal Socialist Forum Nepal' one of the major faction of 'Madhesi Morchaa', that works for the Indian interest.  It It is crystal clear that, the party led by Mohan Baidhya, has no any revolutionary plan and program to move the Nepalese Revolution ahead.

Now we have another Maoist party led by Netra Bikram Chanda 'Biplav'. Most of the young leaders, cadres and former PLA have joined CPN Maoist led by Chanda. Likewise, most of the leaders of the sister organizations, particularly, student, trade union and Dalit organizations also have joined CPN Maoist. 

It is the positive aspect of   Chanda led Maoist Party, that they  have no any  confusion about identity politics and federal system.  

But it is a matter of irony that, this faction also is not clear in the ideological and political line, that should be adopted for the Nepalese revolution.  Chanda Party has mentioned that armed struggle will be the road to the Nepalese revolution. It is a positive aspect, but what type of armed struggle, that the Nepalese revolution needs, is not clear. Just to mention armed struggle is not enough.  Maoist People's War or armed struggle of Foco type, they have not analyzed it in their document.

It seems that Chanda faction is not in the position to follow the path of Maoist People's War. In their document they have not mentioned the need and significance of 'three magical weapons' as guided by Mao tse-tung. Rather than, they have mentioned 'Unified People's Revolution' as their political line.

They have replaced 'Unified People's Revolution' in the place of New Democratic Revolution. What is 'Unified Revolution' and  what type of armed struggle they are pleading for the Nepalese revolution ? It is hard to understand.  

In an article written by Chanda in the party organ, Janakranti (People's Revolution), he has mentioned that " we cannot accomplish the task of revolution only spinning within the boundary of  Marxism-Leninism-Maoism." This kind of opinion reflects only the post-MLM thinking- a road to liquidation.   

Instead of agrarian class struggle, they have emphasized the role of urban struggle and "middle class". In fact, as they have mentioned in their party document, they have recognized "middle class" as the basic force for the Nepalese revolution. It means Chanda faction also is not clear about the Nepalese revolution.

Now without any hesitation, I would like to stress that, though they have documented MLM as their guiding principal, but in practice, both Mohan Baidhya 'Kiran' and Netra Bikram Chanda 'Biplav' have diverted from the path of People's War, the path of New Democratic Revolution. Mohan Baidhya is pleading ''people's revolt" as their political line and Chanda is pleading the line of  ''unified revolution". 

It is the fact that, in the name of changing situation, both have diverted from the revolutionary path of MLM, and heading towards liquidation. Thus, it is the reality that, there are Maoist revolutionaries in Nepal, we have ''Revolutionary Intellectual- Cultural Front,  but there is no any revolutionary Maoist Party  in Nepal.

Let us wait and see how these two 'Maoist' organizations move ahead.

In my opinion, Chanda faction should think over its political line. As we know, only the New Democratic Revolution can solve the contradiction of Nepalese society, and we can achieve this only through the People's War. Firmly, I would like to stress that, there is one and only one way to achieve the revolutionary goal, that is Maoist People's War–the People's War of Nepalese character.

As I have mentioned above, Nepalese people have come out in the street chanting the slogan 'Back off India', 'Modi! Remove Blockade'. But Oli government has no any scientific policy and program to solve the national crisis. In such circumstances revolutionaries should take the situation in their own hand.  Now the time has come to come out in the street raising the flag of National sovereignty and People's Democracy. Only genuine Maoists can lead the People towards the New Democratic Revolution.

Now CPN Maoist led by Biplab, has declared nationwide movement against Indian expansionism. Similarly, they have warned Oli Government to solve the national crisis  promptly. It is a positive step, but Chanda Party should take it gravely that only street movements are not enough, it needs ideological and political clarity. We must have a long term plan and policy that heads towards the New Democratic Revolution.  

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Unknown said...

It is interesting that the present Nepalese political conjuncture shaped by the neo-colonial designs of the openly Hindutva fascist Modi regime, coincides with comrade Baral's informative and cogent analysis.

His problem is that he sees no Nepalese communist party committed to the 'correct', prescriptive, and revolutionary strategy he sets out.

Therefore, I thank him for his detailed overview, but think he is wrong to dismiss Kiran and Biplav's parties. (Especially the latter)

Is there any party anywhere that meets his exacting standards? (Please don't invoke the American buffoon Avakian's cult playgroup!

Lal salaam,