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Greece CP ML : We must condemn the new atrocity with mass struggles against imperialism and reaction! Peoples are not cannon fodder for the self-proclaimed saviors! Peoples do not need protectors!

We must condemn the new atrocity with mass struggles against imperialism and reaction! Peoples are not cannon fodder for the self-proclaimed saviors!

Peoples do not need protectors! Last night's massacre in the capital of France, with more than 120 (and increasing) dead and dozens of injured, is a new dramatic and dangerous development in a volatile environment created by the paroxysm of imperialist contradictions and the activation of the most reactionary and sinister methods and mechanisms in order to serve these contradictions.

Whether the perpetrators will be found or not it is certain that the real guilty of this atrocity are not those that are easily finger-pointed by the systemic centers and the mainstream Media, that is the migrants, the refugees, and their “hate” for the “civilized” West.

The real responsibility for this and other atrocities (against the Parisian magazine, the massacre in the Trade Union Center in Odessa, the massacre in Ankara, the daily bombardments in The Middle East, Syria, and Palestine) lies on the self-proclaimed “saviors” of the peoples, that is the US and European imperialists who, in the name of “democracy and justice”, massacre peoples and flatten whole countries.

The shocking acts that took place last Friday in France underline categorically and dramatically the consequences of the barbaric imperialist policies of intervention, bombardments, leveling, and desertification of whole countries. These policies use as alibi the targeting of peoples and religions that sow and breed hatred among the peoples, support, prop and use the most reactionary and barbaric regimes. These are the policies of imperialist – capitalist system. It is a system supported and nurtured by the super-exploitation of peoples and countries.

 It is a system which breeds more poverty and misery. It is a system which becomes more and more aggressive against the peoples and the working class in order to overcome its crisis. The crocodile tears of Hollande and the other imperialist leaders for the tragedy are not only unconvincing but cause more anger. Because it is the French imperialism, following the US imperialists, which wreak havoc in the Middle East and Syria bombarding it for over a month now.

Because it was French imperialism, along with other western imperialists, which supported and armed the reactionary ISIS regime. The same regime that poses as the “savior” of the oppressed Arab peoples.

Last night's Paris massacre coincides, not at all by chance, with last Thursday's massacre in Lebanon and the attack on a military training camp last Monday in Jordan.

All these incidents coincide with the expressed intentions of the US imperialism to get involved more deeply in the Middle East by deploying ground troops.

Such development, in conjunction with the more active involvement of the Russian imperialists in Syria, constitutes a first degree danger for the peoples of Eastern Mediterranean, Middle east, and the Balkans.

Into this maelstrom of grave developments, the statement of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs about “attacks against all civilized world, against Democracy itself” is provocative.

Because it reproduces the ideology of imperialism about “civilized” and “uncivilized”. Because it legalizes interventions and air-strikes “in the name of Democracy”.

Because it is an omen for new facilities and increased participation of our country in the new war plans of the US and EU imperialists. The Communist Party of Greece (marxist – leninist) condemns the atrocity that has targeted all the people of the world.

We condemn any attempt that in the name of the people and justice wreaks havoc and paves the way for new interventions by the imperialist war hawks. The CPG (m-l) calls the Greek people and the peoples of the region to build their own mass front against imperialism, fascism, and war.

We must articulate our own word, build our own resistance against the barbaric imperialist plans.

With solidarity as our own weapon, we must struggle for peace and independence.
We must not let any self – proclaimed “savior” to speak in our name.

The CPG (m-l) calls the Greek people to condemn the subservient policy of the SYRIZA-ANEL government which declares its eagerness to grant new facilities to the US-NATO killers.

International Bureau Athens 14 November 2015

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