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Speech of the League Against Imperialist Aggression at the international meeting in support of the People's War in India on the 27th of September

Speech of the League Against Imperialist Aggression at the international meeting in support of the

People's War in India on the 27th of September

Comrades, friends,

We as the League Against Imperialist Aggression want to express our warmest revolutionary greetings to all the fighters of the peoples liberation movements in the world, to all the masses who resist against their exploitation and oppression by imperialism, as well as to the participants of this meeting.

From the bottom of our hearts we greet the leaders and members of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the PLGA-fighters and the peoples of the New Power. They are a lightning torch and a source of confidence for all Communists, Revolutionaries, Anti imperialists and progressive people in the world.

Throughout their ten-years existence, since the unification of the Maoist Communist Center and the
Communist Party of India Marxist-Leninist (People's War), and because of the waging People's War the CPI (Maoist) upholds the red banner of new-democratic revolution despite the attacks of the reactionaries  and serves as an example and inspiration for all the comrades in the world tackling and accomplishing  their duties.

Their struggle against bureaucratic capitalism, semi-colonialism and semi-feudalism is one of
the largest mass struggles the world has ever seen.

In the major parts of the world, be it India, Peru, Brazil, Philippines or Turkey, imperialism bleeds out the peoples of the suppressed countries by bureaucratic capitalism, plunders their wealth and destroys their  livelihoods.

The wars of aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the insidious genocide against the Palestinian people, are clear expressions and results of the on going deepening crisis of  imperialism. Imperialism can’t and won’t stop to always incite new wars in order to still their insatiable  hunger and it is up to the peoples of the world to end their misdeeds once and for all.

Imperialism has  turned the world into a living hell for the working class and especially the peoples of the world and it keeps on shuffling the burdens of their crisis on them.

We condemn the Zionists genocidal politics, their massacres and their Yankee-imperialist masters and we repeat our solidarity with the heroic resistance of the Palestinian people.

Zionism as bridgehead and chain dog of Yankee-Imperialism in the Arabic world earns the hatred of the peoples of the world because of the  decades of their strategy of expulsion and eradication and the actual atrocities against the Palestinian  people and we all looking forward to present them the bill.

We also condemn the imperialist aggression against the people of Ukraine and the murderous fascist hordes and we declare our support for the masses in their antifascist struggle.

It is obvious that the contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nations is far from slowing down  but sharpens rapidly. But the pressure imperialism puts on the oppressed nations brings forward a  quantitative and qualitative development. In vast parts of the world it flares up mass struggles and the  development of anti imperialist parties, organizations and movements. These are vivid for the destruction of imperialism because the masses make history and the vast majority of them are living in the oppressed nations.

Besides this contradiction, the main contradiction on world level, it is necessary to look at the dynamic of the contradiction between proletariat and bourgeoisie as well as on the interimperialist contradiction to lay  the foundation to finally crush imperialism. Only by the melting of the democratic and socialist revolution it is possible to sweep away reaction and imperialism from the face of the earth. We insist in the possibility of the revolution in the imperialist countries, even more as it is a historic necessity which is  promoted by the development of the struggles in the oppressed nations.

The peoples of the world have to unite against their slavery in common struggle with the anti-imperialist forces and the international proletariat.

Their hatred against exploitation and oppression arising from imperialism ripens the circumstances for revolution in each country and on world level. This front has to be strengthened under the slogan: "Proletarians of all countries and peoples of the world unite!" That creates the base to further undermine imperialism.

The People's Wars led by communist forces are at the forefront on the way to new order of the nowadays humiliated, downtrodden, oppressed and exploited masses.

The unification of the People's Wars, the different revolutionary armed struggles and the national liberation struggles in a single firestorm of anti imperialist war will crush imperialism and plain the road towards the bright shining future of mankind.

Considering the situation in India, we see the continuous struggle of the masses in the People's War,
which develops even under the harshest blows of the reaction and despite temporary setbacks. It is led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and on basis of a justified ideological and political line they are fulfilling their leadership tasks. It is tempering the masses in revolutionary violence, recognizes the need of breaking the capitulation in the form of so-called "Peace Agreements" and manages to overcome the large contradictions in the Indian masses by their propaganda and agitation.

Only by the correct handling of important issues in context like casts, religion, culture and nationality it plays its role as the leader of the People's War.

The close connection with the deepest and broadest masses, with are the most exploited and oppressed, the promotion and use of revolutionary violence, as well as the ideological basis of the party are the foundation to combat all forms of opportunism and to denounce and attack the villains of the reaction, as well as their lackeys.

As part of the worldwide anti-imperialist movement, we stand side by side with the comrades in India and understand the struggle in India against imperialism as part of the worldwide struggle against imperialism on the road to revolution and thus as part of our own struggle.

At the 2012 India conference we said:

"Anti-imperialism is a struggle, on all levels, by all means, to bury the bloodiest system humanity has
ever seen, to end millennia of exploitation and oppression. For this reason we have the duty to ourselves to support each other in every respect.

This is not a question of following after someone and not a question of taking a narrow-minded and pedantic stance, but a question of a true unity of all combatants."

We think that what we said is still as valid today as it was then and it is an important foundation of a truly proletarian internationalism. It underlines the need of a united front of anti-imperialism by extending  common connection.

The decisive battle of the Indian comrades and their deep connection with the masses is an example for us and helps us in organizing anti-imperialist forces. Only the connection with  the masses can create the conditions to develop a successful struggle and the final victory. The standard of  truth, the prove of the accuracy of our work, is the practice, nothing else. The campaign in support of the  people's war in India should increase its mass character to continue the good work and bring them to new heights.

Let us together increase our efforts to do so.

Comrades, friends:

Forward in the anti-imperialist struggle!

Victory to the People's War in India!

Proletarians of all countries and peoples of the world, unite!


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