Thursday, October 23, 2014

Excerpt from Comrade Kaypakkaya's work The National Question in Turkey

                                                         Ibrahim Kaypakkaya

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya took a strong stand for the right to self-determination of the Kurdish nation, which suffers brutal national oppression in Turkey.

And he advocated a revolutionary road not a reformist road to Kurdish liberation.

The following is an excerpt from Comrade Kaypakkaya's work
The National Question in Turkey:

In our country, the real champions of national oppression are the big Turkish bourgeoisie, that is, of comprador nature, and the landlords.

The U.S. imperialists support and instigate their policy of national oppression and racism.

But the Turkish middle bourgeoisie, which has a national character, participates with more refined and stealthy methods in the same crime....

Posturing in favour of the equality among nations in words, but in reality extending the recognition of the privilege of forming a state only to the Turks and liquidating the right of the Kurds to form a state with demagogic bourgeois slogans such as "national unity" and "territorial integrity" --is this not to defend inequality among nations and the privileges of the Turkish bourgeoisie?

Socialists [revolutionary communists] oppose even the smallest privilege favoring a nation and inequality.

Whereas in Turkey, to form a national state has always been a privilege of the Turkish nation and still continues to be so.

We the communists do not defend this privilege either, just as we do not defend any other privileges.

We defend and continue to defend the right of the Kurdish nation to form a state with all our might.

We will respect this right to the end; we do not support the privileged position of Turks over the Kurds (and over other nationalities); we educate the masses to recognize this right without hesitation and to reject the right to form a state as a privilege in the monopoly of any single nation....

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