Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sweep British and US Imperialism into the Sea : Smash the Hong Kong Oligarchs and the Beijing Bureaucrat Capitalists - Make Hong Kong the Capital of Revolutionary Socialism not the Capital of Crony Capitalism

Tom Grundy "Hong Kong the Capital of Capitalism - the widest rich poor gap in developed


In 2013, around 1.3m people (19.6%) were deemed to be living below the official poverty line in Hong Kong.

In 2011, the income distribution Gini coefficient hovered above a startling 0.53 (up on previous years and regularly cited as the highest of any developed economy in the world).

The city is also famous for its painful delays to access to public housing (up to 10 years).

And the mention last weekend of a new release of miserably-sized private apartments (just over 170 square feet) for under HKD$2m would hardly calm the nerves of those already at breaking point.

Democracy and Class Struggle appeals to the youth of Hong Kong to make a new world - one where Hong Kong is no longer the Capital of Crony Capitalism but the Capital of Revolutionary Socialism - that ends the gap between rich and poor of the world - that is a vision worth fighting for.





Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but while the details in this are correct, the idea that Maoism is somehow a solution is not.

Mao's revolution created today's capitalist China. This is no small achievement. There needs to be something new, not the same old Maoism again.

Likewise with Ukraine/Russia. The details in the Democracy and Class Struggle articles are correct, but to call on the people to take up a discredited and failed ideology is not going to take anyone forward. As if Stalin was such a great leader...LOL!

nickglais said...

Where you are right is that the modern Chinese Socialist Economy was built by Maoism later to be hijacked by Western Imperialism principally US Imperialism and converted into a capitalist economy.

The greatest robbery of public assets in history was effected by the Chinese revisionist leadership in its transition to capitalism.

Concerning the Question of Stalin even bourgeois scholarship have to admit his outstanding leadership during World War II fighting Nazism -

Stalin being a great leader or not is usually dependent on people's class position the bourgeois of the world hate hate him while most proletarians outside of Europe and even some inside Europe still hold him in high regard.

The Question about Maoism has an ideology is that it recognises that the model of socialism that was built during the Stalin era was flawed and Mao gave us many ideas on how to take the revolutionary movement forward after exposing the revsionist Soviet Union.

Some of these ideas you should investigate.

Mao gave us a revolutionary philosophy built around an analysis of contradictions - those amongst the people and with the enemy. Study Maoism on contradiction.He taught us to think about the complexity of contradictions about which contradictions are principal and which secondary.

Mao Gave us guidance for a political strategy in his writings on People's War and the idea of red base areas - the idea of geographical areas in which to experiment and build socialism - I have heard David Harvey recently express this has a new idea.

In fact red base areas are fundamental to Maoist thinking.

Mao gave us the idea of Cultural revolution has a weapon and way to reinvigorate socialism has we advance to communism.Many cutural revolutions until, communism.

Marxism Leninsim Maoism has a social science of revolution is still developing and we call on all contribute to its development if we want to struggle against Imperialism and National and Social oppression.

nickglais said...

Marxism Leninism Maoism is not the same as MaoZedong thought of the 1960's and 1970's but owes its origins to Chairman Gonzalo in Peru in the 1980's.

Chairman Gonzalo taught us many of the univeral applications of Marxism Leninism Maoism and many of his ideas are being further developed by Indian Maoists during the Peoples War in India today and the by Peoples War struggle of our Philippine comrades .