Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bloc Rouge (Unification of Maoists), France : Speech at ICSPWI on 10th Anniversary of Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Bloc Rouge (Unification of Maoists), France
We would greet of this new international conference to support the people's war in India. The organization of a true front of solidarity with the Indian Maoist movement is a priority from the point of view of proletarian internationalism.
For over 40 years, Indian Maoists have been carrying out the people's war against the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in India.

With the poor and landless peasants, Adivasi (tribal people), Dalits (untouchable), women, workers, in short, with any and all exploited and oppressed people in the country, Maoists develop the struggle against the capitalist-imperialist system. By establishing People’s Governments, they ensure that the masses stand up and take their own future in their hands.
The 1st of May this year was a great day. On this day the merger the CPI (Maoist) and CPI (ML) Naxalbari culminated. This change brings many great new prospects for the development of people's war in India.
We will salute the 10th anniversary of the formation of the CPI (Maoist). Indian Maoist movement is one of the spearheads of the world revolution. That People's War is a hope not only for the masses in India, but also for workers all around the world, who see the possibility of reconstructing a genuine socialist country internationally.

The CPI (Maoist) and the People's War in India show us the path of revolution. Indeed, the theory of people's war is not, as someone thinks, a Chinese application of the path of revolution or a mere military strategy in semi-feudal and semi-colonial countries. The People's War is a universal principle of Maoism, applicable everywhere, even in the imperialist countries as France. Leading the people's war in India, the CPI (Maoist) paves the road to the revolutionaries worldwide.
For us, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the formation of the CPI (Maoist) is not just a matter of principle, but a commitment of solidarity.
Today more than ever we have to revive proletarian internationalism and support people's war in India. It means to to inform working class in France about the development of the revolution in India and also to attack the heart of our own imperialism with any necessary mean. We have realized many solidarity actions. We held several public meetings in different cities of France and a concert. We supported the Indian prisoners on the International Day in support of political prisoners. Many pamphlets were distributed in the poor neighborhoods of different cities and various actions were realized, such as a paint attack on the headquarters of the Michelin, to protest against the opening of factories in the lands of the Indian peasants.
Moreover, the international support to the people's war in India is considered a threat by the Indian State, that after the International Conference in Hamburg urged the governments of different countries in Europe to stop it. Now we know that the Government of India tries to attack directly the movement of solidarity with the people's war in India in European countries both through diplomatic channels and the secret services.
While the Indian bourgeoisie can rely on the support of imperialist powers in Europe, the Indian Maoists are not alone. They can rely on the support of genuine revolutionary parties and organizations and, more importantly, of the broad masses. It is in this spirit that we are committed to further support the Indian revolution. In doing this, above all, we take up the tasks pending on the Maoist movement in France, that is, essentially, to achieve the unification of the Maoists in a qualitatively and quantitatively higher party.
It also means to strengthen our solidarity with the Maoist movement in India. It is in this sense that we are carrying out the campaign of solidarity with the people's war in India as one of the main axes of our work at the moment and we will significantly intensify our campaign of actions and information, propaganda, to achieve the emergence among our people of a broad support with the just struggle of the CPI (Maoist) through the People's War.

Down with the French Imperialism!
Stop Operation Green Hunt !
Glory to the 10th Anniversary CPI (Maoist) !
Long live the People’s War in India!

Bloc Rouge (Unification of Maoists)

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