Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Speech of Committee of Construction of Maoist Communist Party of Galicia at ICSPW Meeting

Speech of Committee of Construction of Maoist Communist Party of Galicia and
Committee of Support to the People's War in India, Galicia

Comrades of the different delegations,

Red fraternal greetings from the Communists of Galicia.
Special thanks to all the comrades who make possible this great
internationalist conference with their organization efforts. An excellent

This new Conference represents a victory of proletarian internationalism. A
victory over opportunism and reaction. A victory over opportunism that,
among the masses in many parts of the world, feeds electoral and reformist
illusions of a capitalism, in its imperialist stage (as it was masterfully
described by comrade Lenin)  possible to be modified without proletarian
revolution, without socialist revolution. All this opportunist rubbish hides
the conciliation with reactionaries and the handing over of the masses to
their executioners, with their hands and feet tied.

They are the two sides of the same coin which the heroic People´s War in
India has torn to pieces.

That is why they try to hide it, presenting it like a "local problem". Yes,
a local problem which involves millions of workers and poor peasants,
intellectuals, men and women who struggle consequently  for a new society
under the leadership of its party, the Communist Party of India (Maoist).

The 10th anniversary of the reconstitution of the Communist Party of India
took place last September 21. Glory to the CPI (Maoist) and its
revolutionary leadership!

The Indian reactionaries have unleashed a criminal repression and a campaign
of killings against leaders of mass organizations or from the Revolutionary
Democratic Front.

Delhi University Professor G. N. Saibaba has been jailed for the single
crime of supporting the revolutionary masses.

We demand his immediate and unconditional release together with the
thousands of men and women political prisoners in India!
A campaign to support them is sweeping the world promoted by the
International Committee to Support People´s War in India. We actively
participate in it.

One of the tasks of this Conference is the preparation of an International
Delegation that visits India to expose the fake "biggest democracy" and show
the world the terror and repression in which the peoples of the wrongly
called Union of India live.

Our International Committee has strengthened and the shouting of the
reactionaries in India indicates that its work is progressing. This is
excellent news!

The imperialists and reactionaries are mistaken if they think that they can
hide with their bloodstained hands the red sun of people´s war. The peoples
of the world see in the people´s war the example to follow, the example of
the fallen heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the liberation of the

Honor and glory to the fallen comrades!
Lal Salam! Lal Salam! Lal Salam!

The great Red banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism waves with rage and courage
in the hands of the comrades of India, of the Philippines, of Turkey, of
Peru, of Bangladesh, of Manipur  and hundreds of detachments prepare
themselves, in other parts of the world, for World Proletarian Revolution.

The East wind of People´s War will sweep away all tyrants and oppressors
from the face of the earth!

The Future is bright!

Galicia, 15 September 2014

Construction Committee of the Maoist CP of Galicia
Galician Committee of Support to People´s War in India

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