Saturday, April 25, 2009

Maoist secretariat asks govt to find consensus on CoAS issue

Picture Lila Mani Pokhrel

The central secretariat of Unified CPN (Maoist) has suggested the government to reach consensus with ruling partners, most importantly the CPN (UML), before taking further decision on the Nepal Army chief Rookmangud Katawal.

Speaking to reporters after secretariat meeting, Maoist leader Lilamani Pokharel said that the meeting concluded that the government decision to seek clarification from Katawal for challenging the civilian supremacy was justifiable and that the "foreign intervention" following the clarification episode is a matter of worry.

He said the government has been advised to reach an understanding before taking decision on the army chief.

Foreign intervention in Nepal's internal matter is totally uncalled for, the Maoist leader said, adding that news reports of a coup planned by the army chief were not entirely false.

Meanwhile, the standing committee of the CPN (UML) is expected to decide the party's official position on the army chief issue this afternoon.

An informal meeting of the party's central commitee on Friday was inconclusive.

Source : Nepal News

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