Thursday, April 9, 2009

Biratnagar tense following clashes between Unified Maoists and Matrika Yadav led Maoists

picture Matrika Yadav

Tension has risen in Biratnagar after cadres of the Unified CPN (Maoist) and CPN (Maoist) led by Matrika Yadav clashed with each other Wednesday night.

The local administration has imposed prohibitory orders in areas surrounding Sirauchiya of Biratnagar to take the situation in control.

Reports say over a dozen people including two policemen have been injured in the clashes that began from about 10 pm Wednesday.

According to police, there was two-way firing between the cadres of the Unified Maoists and its dissident faction. Satya Narayan Ray, Gyanu Bhattarai and Kishor Chaudhary have been injured in the firing.

According to media reports, cadres of Matrika Yadav led Maoists attacked the cadres of the Unified Maoists alleging them of violating the code of conduct of the by-elections. They also vandalised a van used by the Unified Maoists.

Matrika Yadav led Maoists have claimed the clashes started after a group of people vandalised their office.

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