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The recent role of Daesh (ISIS) in the Middle East Region by Chengiz Ghobadifar

Democracy and Class Struggle is pleased to publish this view of ISIS from Iranian Comrade Chengiz Ghobadifar we also recommend you look at previous interviews about ISIS here from Nafeez Ahmed and here from Nabil Naeem

The person who speaks about Daesh is one of the active members of People’s Fadaee Guerrillas of Iran, comrade Chengiz Ghobadifar.  

People’s Fadaee Guerrillas is a communist organization introducing itself as a battalion of the world workers’ army.  

It is an organization that believes workers gain their freedom through massive armed revolution of the people.  

Along the organization line comrade Ghbadifar considers world imperialism the main enemy of the working class and all oppressed masses of Iran and believes that without destruction of imperialism and imperialism dependent regime of Islamic republic liberty of the working class in Iran is unattainable. 

This speaker carries many years of struggle and activism along with the people’s movement of Kurdistan and with reliance on his experience, he emphasizes on the leadership of the working class to destroy ruling capitalist regime of Iran and the imperialist empire that is a proven fact of the world working class struggles.

The recent role of Daesh (ISIS) in the Middle East Region

Salute to all comrades and friends who have participated in People’s Fadaees Guerillas event (in Pal-talk) tonight.  

I send my greetings to you and also express my gratefulness to the comrades who brought about such possibility to have discussion and view exchange tonight.  I hope with the participation of active friends and comrades we will have productive qualified discussion tonight. 

While you are aware that the title for tonight program is the recent role of Daesh (also known as ISIS - Translator) in the region, before focusing on that let me first express my gratitude to the armed resistance of Kurdish people in Kobani and the will of the movement in which women were the forefront participants fighting with their teeth and claws in an unequal war with a layer of the bloody adversaries of the masses of people.  

In recent weeks, what has been heard of the audacious fight of the armed people of Kobani also has been the message of a page of history.  

It is a shining page in history of a struggle against all the devious forces of imperialist aggressive powers spreading a message. It is a message against all exploiters and capitalist powers and, against all reactionary mercenaries.  

All the following images conveyed a serious message: 
from that 14 years old militant girl up to 70 years old Armenian man whose past had been filled with life but when he was caught in streets surrounded by the Islamic Daesh mercenaries, he gave his life away using his last bullet on himself; images of young fighters who ran with raised strong chests across dozens of coming bullets despite their experienced commander was telling them, don’t go like this, don’t go like this and, like a flood they would pass over the Kobani fences and without any fear attacked the trenches and hiding places of the dark minded Daesh within buildings of the wrecked city to make them escape and finally, the infinite joyous ovation of old but courageous nannies who would gather to collect remains of their daughter and sons bodies through which the sound of the song of war would shake the earth; all these images are proof of guilt for all shades of enemies: all sorts of conspiracies demonstrated by them to suffocate armed resistance of the people has marked Kobani as the blazing torch of struggle and gleams of hopes in hearts of all freedom seeking and intelligent humans around the world.

With its courageous people’s legendary resistance, from now onward the Kobani shall not be known only as a big city in Kurdistan of Syria.  Rather, as of today Kobani is the beating heart of the freedom movements and great struggles as vast as the whole world.

I am pretty sure that such gratitude is common among all present comrades in this discussion room.

With this introduction let me get to the Daesh matter.

Despite any class analysis variations made about class identity of Daesh within the radical movements today, they all in common admit one definite and undeniable factor. 

Daesh crimes, its presence and counter people deeds of this Islamic cult has created new conditions and brought around new balance of power in the Middle East strategic region. 

According to its own claims and propaganda the west is forced to face a new foe now, i.e. new terrorists who have their own lands and governing; they have an army with tanks, cannon and heavy weapons and, they even have numerous oil wells in their possession having it sold daily with tankers in bazaars.  That is an income source for them.   

In fact the Middle East political image has changed and within frame of the escalation of contradiction between working class and the oppressed ethnic groups on one side and, the imperialist forces, regimes dependent on and united with the US, various shades of fundamentalists have another terrible and provocative force added to their equation. 

I don’t think it is necessary in this talk to get into details about when Daesh was created and what it has been doing until now since I am sure comrades and friends have heard and read a lot in that regard.  

Hence I only sum it up like this; as you know in the precarious conditions this invasion had created in a part of Iraq Daesh was created by American forces.

At first supported by the US lackeys Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Daesh was busy playing a role in Syria crisis within frame of a powerful capitalist regime’s tensions to overthrow Syrian Bashar Assad’s dictatorship, so as an official anti Assad opposition force its might was strengthened and its forces were transferred into Syria where it became active.

It is imperative that during first round of regional crisis, Daesh was not mentioned a lot.  For a long time in contrast with the rest of the reactionary gangs such as Al Qaeda or, al Nusra Front or even Syrian liberation army and rest of the Syrian crisis parties, Daesh did not have much of a size and number of people. 

But one of the key factors that have made critical thinkers stare at the matter is that very factor.  People wonder what issue has so swiftly turned such a small and unknown force whose name was not mentioned so often has overnight filled the world news with such large news headline.  

What has turned this horrible criminal force, Daesh into an important role player in current crisis of the Middle East that even media can easily refer to as the “greatest enemy of humanity”?  

Is it because of a qualitative advance reflecting the grand development of a popular newborn group’s mass base that answers needs of the people?

Or is it because of Daesh being “Islamic” and, the apparent sign of the area’s “backwardness, religiosity Islamic” grassroots of the people that has grown and now occupies a half of Iraq and half of Syria under “Islamic Command” order? 

If we look into the reality and the things Daesh has done in retrospect with areas it has occupied it appears hundred percent opposite of such assumptions.  

That is since now everybody has seen and heard about the overwhelming crimes of Daesh that prove it’s being an anti people mercenary fundamentalist Islamic force; that wherever it steps the left behind evidence speaks only about crimes, rapes, group killings, selling and enslaving women and children.  

They only have cut people’s heads and destroyed both Muslim and, other faith peoples and their livings and, no other track except killing and destruction has been left behind their passage path.

The grand criminal acts of Daesh has made the Shiite, Sunni,  Armenian, Izadi, Kurd, Turkmen peoples so frightened that wherever they step into that if they cannot fight against them, they escape in large groups away from their villages to avoid getting caught by the bloody Daesh. 

Thus this is not result of massive support for Daesh that has brought up Daesh to its current status.  Opposite to that it is the hatred of the masses from such reactionary and atrocious gang of that criminal mercenary order that exposes its real identity.

Hence when we follow up the Daesh development process through their activities, we can see that there is a peak point in group’s development. 
It was the time when this group suddenly occupied Mosul and had swift moves forward into Iraqi soil that suddenly Daesh appeared as a new very strong and frightening force in political scenes of region and the world as a whole.  

So through conquest of Mosul and rapid moving forward toward Baghdad not only it filled up the headline news on the international level, but also with Mosul’s fall in their hands as all people know, a grand parts of guns and heavy war weapons and machine of the American army that were made in Iraq get confiscated by the Daesh “without a single bullet” shot. 
In addition to that they got hundreds of millions of dollars into their hands; although it is noteworthy that Daesh was never badly in need of money beforehand neither. 

So naturally question comes down to this that how could this few thousands of long bearded guys become so successful suddenly? 
Through what sort of mechanism it was for Daesh that was mostly fighting against Syria for some years suddenly became so strong to dare to and manage to conquer Mosul overnight? 

How come the world powers that claim they have accomplished technologies through which they are able to observe any moving entity on the earth through space and satellites were not able to observe moves of thousands of a group that had to organize military team up before attacking a large city like Mosul for which they would have to  prepare defense line and so forth and beside, in Iraq and Syria large regions are deserts and flat lands rather that condensed forest regions where it could be difficult to watch such large group of people’s movements?  

So why the forces who justify their being there for bringing security for Iraq and as savior of the people do not notice such movements or, let us rather say they see and don’t do a thing about it? 

Now why without shooting a single bullet the Iraqi made American army gets order from commander to leave the area without a single shot bullet and relinquish the third largest and high populated city of Iraq Mosul so easily, while during the attack time based on some reports in terms of personnel and military, not even a seventh of the army is not situated in Mosul? (20 thousands of Iraqi militaries with lots of tanks and canons and heavy military weapons plus air force support in Mosul escaped and even took off their uniforms when during the Daesh’s attacking.)  

And beside all that is the fact that the Iraq secret service officially announced after Mosul loss that long before its occurrence they had clearly reported to intelligence services of Britain and the US that given the nature of Daesh forces it appears it is getting ready to attack to Mosul! So how come their governments did not care a bit to those reports?! 

Now let us compare these serious questions with the official positions American state took after these changes and Daesh advancements; then is the time when many catch real answers for these very questions and doubts and uncertainty of many public minds who seek freedom obtain definite grounds.  

After taking over Mosul and advancement of Daesh toward Kirkuk and Baghdad, instead of playing an active role in fighting them in a country they had military occupied themselves, the American officials very effortlessly said they do not interfere with the matter given that it is a domestic issue of Iraq and, they ignored Maliki request for the US military involvement completely.  

Evidently this is an obvious green signal from the US for Daesh to receive.  This position taking of America showed the US is not against Daesh military actions and its current turning into as a powerful force as it has become currently; this very action allowed Daesh to take over very large lands without resistance and American war machine interference and, from a small anti Assad and Maliki opposition group it turned into a much more vigorous force and a new equation within the regional crisis was developed.  
And of course the Americans who claim to represent the forerunners of democracy and human rights did not sweat a bit while Daesh in a single course of its actions during its conquering Mosul, over 1500 Iraqi produced American soldiers heads were cut or killed in another wicked criminal manner. 

All these facts and lots of other things that occurred that I will not repeat through their detail due to limited time that we have prove the fact that, on top of those few hundred or as said by some thousands of bearded Daesh mercenaries, there stands a larger political and economic force. 

This network has systematical financial, military and logistic supports that are beyond all official borderlines of regional countries with great political might and, it is this very network that has supported Daesh as a monster and it drops it onto peoples of the region to display its filthy atrocities for building up public thoughts to develop its own policies.

 It is a network consisted of might and means of American imperialism and its puppet regimes such as the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and … that has caused Daesh to exist and turn into a force that has changed the political image of region; its criminal actions news has spread shades of insecurity and terror imposed upon lives of millions of deprived people that are spread all over the region. 

It is a force with its very existence acting as the messenger of war and slaughtering in every corner and village and cities of the Middle East.  By having such a supportingg network and through division of open services to them, Saudi Arabia and Qatar’s oil moneys are spent for equipping, arming, and recruiting soldiers for Daesh; through American officers Jordan gives military training in its own soil and military training centers for Daesh mercenaries; hated regime of Turkey clearly and openly arms Daesh and even openly gives them some of its own military official vehicles for their transportation and, military wounded Daesh are treated and healed in hospitals of Turkey and even Israel and further, Turkey even lets Daesh to openly use its army tanks.  

The main force that is on top of the bearded Daesh is the American imperialism that is outside of borders of states of this region that creates media and propaganda environment in Europe and the US so that atrocities of this fundamentalist mercenary group covers up the media in western states systematically and even recruit soldiers for Daesh through mosques that are in major cities of England, United States, Holland, Germany and France under direct observation and scrutiny of those states political police and, associates of this Islamic group freely distribute its statements and flyers in above named countries and organize demonstrations and in front of the Police eyes they beat up their opponents! 

Now considering all these real facts that were evident from the days when Daesh was formed up to their climax still, there were forces (in Iranian opposition) that labeled success of Daesh and its occupying Mosul as “victory of revolutionaries” and “nomads” of Iraq (for example People’s Mujahedin of Iran Organization, MEK) or under titles such as “Party”, “Communist” and “Workers” (various factions and splits from Hekmatist Worker-Communist Party of Iran) are making propaganda and thoughts to expose Daesh as the major enemy and instigator and the cause of all these crimes and the war initiated by the US and its dependent states, to cover up them as if Daesh is an autonomous force that allegedly gets its power from heavens (as appose to a terrestrial god/states giving it power) that really wants to establish the 1400 years old Islamic order within “capitalist system” in 21st century thus it is the main enemy (as appose to the US - Those are the splits from the odd major “worker communist” party that stood in favor of US interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan to allegedly liberate them from Taliban and so forth and in a way wants US to liberate Iran and, have made coalition and support with and for prince Reza Pahlavi - translator).  

But neither Daesh is revolutionary nor is it a mysterious divine heavenly force and none of such analysis have anything in common with the reality. 

Let me emphasize that any analysis about Daesh that is filled up with a thousand of decent and righteous affronts and insults against Daesh and Islamic fundamentalism but evades or fails clearly exposing the complete dependency of this mercenary bloody team and its actions in service of imperialism, if it fails or refuses to manifest the true face of the policies that arise from rotten capitalism sinking into its historical crisis and, pull out and expose the imperialism that is standing behind Daesh claims that is its mercenary to make the world to see and understand then, then it cannot have the slightest connection with reality.  Only through saying the truth to the masses and acting as the mean to understand and lead the masses of people is taking the correct line and tactics of real struggle against current crisis that the people are pushed into in the region.  

It is not surprising at all that within many analysis made by those groups that are the so called Worker Communists and, leadership and cadres of many splits from those groups openly defend American air forces attacks to the region allegedly in order to destroy the Daesh; they say that America is “forced to” come over to attack Daesh and hence military attacks of the US are not to be “condemned”; and worst of all they invite all the people to “stand in forefront” of the American war’s “struggles” against Daesh.  

The pro imperialist positions of this layer of the so called opposition groups are once again exposed through pro imperialist positions it takes and recommends; fighting and revolutionary forces in Iranian opposition must have their reactionary line and positions well kept in their minds.

Up until here I have spoken about how Daesh has been formed, it is supported by what forces and who is really behind its frail body.  Now let me talk a bit about real needs of the major involved force that developed Daesh itself which is the American imperialism and, the policies and class profits that are coming out of actions of this bloody reactionary force gets into whose pocket.

See, what revealed as I pointed out in its course of development is the fact that it was the American imperialism that created Daesh by its means, might and dependent regimes and dropped it as a monster unto the lives of regional peoples.   With this act the US has developed an insecure and chaotic atmosphere spread all over the region.  We watch that news about the terrible crimes of Daesh is relayed everyday on international public media and the oppressed nations and workers of the Middle East are facing a new source of devastation that aggravate the existing crisis that is this Daesh.

Enforcing the current war theme in the region is precisely within the American regime’s framework for its own profits.  If we look into policies of America without going too far and within at least the last two decades we can see that these are the policies that were planned up written in late ‘90s in a document titled such as “Next century’s American strategic security” that was about the US endeavor to in one hand, resolve its crisis and on the other, to impose its hegemony over rest of the world capitalism under “American leadership.” 

That is the police that we watched in two bloody wars in the Persian Gulf, in allegedly “war against terrorist”, occupying and later in Libya and so forth. 

In development of that very policy, the emergence of Daesh, its becoming a horrible power and talking about development of a long term war policy of America to fight it, expose another page of American ambitious project to reach her worldwide strategic goals in the long run and, Daesh is a tool of this project.

Through American imperialism war policies, horrible crimes of Daesh and Islamic fundamentalism (that oneself is truly a monster as well) against millions of oppressed peoples of Iraq and Syria is daily exposed through the media worldwide that is shocking. 

It is through this procedure that all peoples in the world watch how the emergence of the Daesh monster sets up the way for “angel for salvation” that is America to come around once again. 

So this is how war craving policies of American imperialism and allies become popular and, media theme for imperialist infringement seem to appear suitable to the spectators.

During the short time in which Daesh emergence has been well observed worldwide, for the American war machine that had not brought along anything but pain, suffering, agonizing turmoil and destruction of the regional infrastructure for the peoples of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, a new dynamic has developed and the US finds a new agitating factor serving as the factor to impose a long term protracted war upon the people in the region as the war against the Daesh. 

Dropping this recently emerged Daesh monster unto peoples’ lives brings around the new act of the American “endless war” against “terrorism” (same play GW Bush pledged after September 11th terrorist attack in 2001) into the scene and now, Obama administration and American politicians are speaking about a long war that will take 20 or 30 years and, echoing this line of propaganda, Kissinger said that he thinks Daesh is a problem that can be resolved in a long period of time.

Finally yes, by emergence of Daesh in area with its criminal atrocities, composition of the new warfare of American state has been nourished and, screaming out loud Obama states that for the world leadership being led by US to assemble fifty or as said by him 60 countries against the Daesh the greatest conditions have been developed.

Another look at what appearance of Daesh and the American long war plans to fight against it propagates how such planning has effects the US economy; it shows military industries in US that are the most active profitable sector of its economy and, during recent years of crisis and recession in other sectors, see how those have grown and watch what a panorama there is in regard to making lots of more jobs and opportunity for investing into war machine corporations while still there is severe unemployment within American economy. 
In general, intensification of war causes the development of the market that is mostly fed by military industries. 

Following Daesh force escalation, immediately stock prices of the main corporations that Pentagon relies upon have been going up, exactly since the time when around 1,000 American military advisors were sent for helping Iraq to fight the Daesh. 

Along with the beginning of coalition air forces operations, this process still has continued.  For example during the last three months since Daesh acted up the Lockheed Martin Company’s stocks rose up 9.3 percent, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman stocks had 3.8 and, General Dynamics Corps stocks had 4.3 added to them.  Last month and, few days after operations began in Syria for example, Raytheon Company alone made a 251 million dollars contract with American Navy to have it supplied with Tom Hawk Cruise missiles. 

Well!! Now we can clearly see that during the current economic crisis within its rotten capitalist filthy system, one of the main resolutions for the US has been emergence of Daesh and intensification of the war theme calamity in the Middle East by usage of that mercenary group. 

We can see how it has benefited military usage and production market and, in particular in fields of military planes industry and their long range missiles (each missile launch costs around a million and half dollars); we can watch the billions of dollars revenues America has through making new deals and contracts against Daesh with its allies and, through selling weapons to countries in the region. 

The current war strategy against Daesh is based upon air strike and support for local ground forces.  One of the results and outcomes of the problems in a war against Daesh is that it puts American allies such as Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and so forth the forces that are supposed to use their planes to bomb Daesh’s fronts, and therefore, those countries ought to commit a large military budget from their own financial bureaus, hence dollars they receive for selling gas and oil (from the west) must be spent (i.e. given back) for buying bombs, missiles and military replacement parts. 

No wonder within growth of contradiction among the major capitalist powers, in reference to Daesh that is referred to by the imperialist media that refer to it a separate force coming from heavens the rivals rather gives it other titles such as “Son of Qatar” and “Pentagon playing card” in the region as the mean, to justify “more direct military interference” for America against its “allies”. Consequently we face a war that is played for US profits by others, with minimum expense on its own behalf and, tremendous political, economic and military profits for this very superpower.  

That is since a large part of financial expenses of this bloody killing war as said by American officials like Joe Biden, must come out of the thick pockets of dependent regimes such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and their oil and gas resources income.  But selling more weapons, making new military contracts with the US due to monster Daesh existence and so forth are only parts of the benefits this “Islamic Fundamentalism” brings for America. 

With creating its Daesh monster and arming, supporting and controlling this mercenary Islamic gang by its own dependent regimes the American imperialism has imposed a directed anarchic crisis upon the Middle East political scenery.  With presence of such crisis Americans validate the war itself and presents excuses for presence and expansion of their war machine in this strategic region and intend to fortify their own military positions against rest of the imperialist powers who are striving to divide and, reestablish markets in the region. 

Also in the course of capitalist system’s crisis on a global scale in which the heightening contradiction between the working class and oppressed masses of people against world capitalist system is inevitable, the American imperialism utilizes Daesh and in general Islamic fundamentalism as the weapon, to intensify suppression of the possible revolution of the working class, ethnic group, nationalities and, diverge those revolutionary movements in the region. 

Now let me summarize what I have said up until now.

To comprehend essence of the recently incurred predicament within the Middle East, the essential nature of the involved parties within this crisis and their policies need to be studied. 

A look over sudden transformation of Daesh into a giant monster exposes that this anti human gang is certainly not an ancient force with living dynamics that grew naturally among the masses to implant the 1,400 years old Islamic theocracy within current capitalist order of the 21st century. 

Rather, it is a reactionary force and despite those claiming stuff about coming from the people relayed from the imperialist media, in fact it is totally dependent on imperialist pawns such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey and, with so much coverage by the media and the help of those regimes it is now an armed group with wide range maneuvers scope. 

Daesh does not rely upon might of itself; it is born out of the American imperialist war machine, it is a new project to escalate war policies and to widen the manipulating American policies against local working class and oppressed nations from one side and, competing imperialists such as European Union, China and in particular, Russia. 

Daesh activities are neither in the services to satisfy “God” (Allah) nor, for Mohammad.  Rather it is for fulfillment of a particular class that is, the American capitalist that is suffering from its inevitable crisis in order to reinforce the capitalist order. 

Behind mask of Daesh’s actions there are billions of dollars sitting for the western military monopolies and in particular the American war industry. 

American strategy for fighting Daesh is labeled as a long lasting war that is in fact what George Bush referred to as an infinite war. 

In fact new reorganization of American war machine in region wears the “Angel for salvation” image to justify its military presence and enforcement of counter revolutionary policies of the US imperialism against the working class, oppressed ethnic group and nationalities of region and deviating their revolutionary movements on one hand and, attempt to attain higher hegemony and higher position while competing with other world eating power rivals on the other hand. 

Any analysis that does not consider Daesh’s dependence on imperialism and, fail to see behind the cloak and beard of those few thousand Islamic criminals the face of capital and imperialism, that analysis will not remotely become objective and the person fails to share the truth with the people ins that case.

Thus I emphasize that the new imperialists’ aggression in the Middle East is behind that Daesh gang and crimes of this group is a side of the murky vista we are facing in the Middle East.  Other side of this vista is the image of struggles of the workers and oppressed nations and their enemies. 

Real image of the enemy exposed to the masses of people gains more transparency the more imperialists plans to create division and animosity among the people and the imperialist will be more often defeated.  Generally under that sort of conditions the struggles and resistance of masses of the people develops and grows.

Let me get back to Kobani and finish my talk.

Heroic resistance in Kobani is the courageous resistance of brave people and hard working masses of people who took up arms and fought the mercenaries of imperialism in defense of their own land, housing and rights.  It was a war in which courageous participation of brave Kobani women and the heroic themes they created makes any freedom seeking and struggling human being adore them for their bravery.  

Kobani resistance showed that when to impose their anti human policies the imperialists start a war, masses come to the forefront and for their own self determination they draw lines of independent cantons for themselves and to defend themselves they get armed. Thus Kurdish people’s resistance and in particular courageous women have shown that even in the darkest conditions still people can stand up and participate in that war. 

Despite whatever that may come out finally in regard to Kobani’s resistance in the end still, its resistance against it has shown a grand victory in fighting against imperialism and its pawns and mercenaries in view of all progressive and revolutionary people who stand against oppression and injustice. 

Through exposing the deceitful face of American imperialism and its allies, exposing the counter masses faces of all reactionary and dependant states in the region, with exposing the collaborationist forces and exposing essence of mercenary and dependent gangs like Daesh, the Kobani resistance have given a grand message to all freedom seekers and emphasized on this historical lesson that without trying to get your rights from the exploiters, without getting armed and fighting with capitalist mercenary agents in under the flag of revolution and without a revolutionary leadership possibility of victory and attaining freedom in the current era is non existence. 

I thank you for listening to my talk and now with comrades’ participation in this open discussion they could enhance the context of tonight’s debate.

I also express my gratefulness to the administration.

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