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Rosa Luxemburg - Red Salute to German Working Class for Ending First World War - Red Salute to Rosa Luxemburg for exposing the stinking corpse of German Social Democracy and standing up for Revolutionary Communism and opposing First World War

The spy office of the Reichstag Regiment founded by the Social-Democratic Party set a bounty of 100,000 marks on the heads of Liebknecht and Luxemburg.

On the 13th January, 1919 two days before the murders the Social-Democratic Party paper Vorwärts carried a poem calling for the assassination of the two communists.The last verse of this ended:

    Many hundred corpses in a row—
    Karl, Radek, Rosa and Co —
    Not one of them is there, not one of them is there!

It was not without foundation that John Heartfield was to craft the photomontage entitled 'Fraternal greetings of the SDP' in which the deathhead of Karl Liebknecht was depicted below the masthead of the SDP paper Vorwärts which was shown dripping with blood.

Source: Revolutionary Democracy


An excerpt from the Spartacist Manifesto (published in 1918):
The question today is not democracy or dictatorship. The question that history has put on the agenda reads: bourgeois democracy or socialist democracy. For the dictatorship of the proletariat does not mean bombs, putsches, riots and anarchy, as the agents of capitalist profits deliberately and falsely claim. Rather, it means using all instruments of political power to achieve socialism, to expropriate the capitalist class, through and in accordance with the will of the revolutionary majority of the proletariat.


Leo(n) Jogiches (17 June 1867 – 10 March 1919),[2] also known by his party name of Leon Tyszka (TyskaTyshko,Tyshka) was a Marxist revolutionary active in Lithuania, Poland, and Germany.
Jogiches was a contemporary in Vilnius, his birthplace, of Felix Dzerzhinsky and Arkadi Kemer. Little is known of Jogiches' early years due to his secretive work habits ingrained through years of conspiratorial work. 

He joined a revolutionary circle and became a leader by 1885 before getting arrested in 1888 and 1889.[2] In 1893 he helped form the Social Democratic Party of the Kingdom of Poland (SDKP, later SDKPiL) along with Rosa Luxemburg. Jogiches and Luxemburg fell in love with each other, a love that lasted their whole lives despite the difficulties.[3] 

The work of the two cannot be separated in the least, although a clear division of labour is observable, with Jogiches the organiser and Luxemburg the theorist.
Jogiches was a founding member of the Spartacus League, a revolutionary left-wing organization of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, formed at the beginning of World War I by Karl Liebknecht, Luxemburg, Franz Mehringand others. On 1 January 1919 the League became the Communist Party of Germany.
The Spartacus League led the German communist revolution of 1918/1919, which failed, after which Luxemburg and Liebknecht were murdered by government troops

Jogiches was murdered in Berlin while trying to investigate the assassination of Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht.

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