Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cornel West & Bob Avakian - Video of Revolution and Religion the Debate

Democracy and Class Struggle says it is good to agree with Bob Avakian on some questions like religion even if we disagree with him on major questions like his supposed  new synthesis.

Taking his own analogy of the salad bowl for the way people use religion nowadays we  are of the view that Bob Avakian's new synthesis is a salad bowl for example combining  John Stuart Mill's view of freedom with that of revolutionary communism is eclecticism gone mad.

Post Maoism on the national question and the new synthesis of Bob Avakian should be rejected whether is comes from RCPUSA or other pretenders to the Maoist cause in USA.

Democracy and Class Struggle also restates that our opposition to Avakianism is not personal, in fact we have been made aware of many good personal qualities of Bob Avakian but is purely political and we will struggle with him and others over the strategy for revolution in Imperialist countries.

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Anonymous said...

Has Bob Avakian come up with a New Synthesis, a higher stage of MLM. If so, then that is very important to debate, is it not?

Bob Avakian is recognized as a leading intellectual, yet still his body of work is not fully recognized by those who should know better as being of a contribution similar to that of Marx, Lenin, and Mao, standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Democracy and Class Struggle should serious engage with BA's New Synthesis, and accept his leadership of the ICM.

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous. RCP is beyond repair. A party that refuses to cover up revolution in India since for example one of the RIM groups (that on May first this year joined the CPI Maoist) dares to criticize Avakian. Not covering Maoist party's people war in India is not an error It is historical treason be it PLP or, RCP USA. Long Live RCP of Canada!

Unknown said...

I read a report in the Indypendant website
That Avakian hogged the stage and was getting heckled. Also that there no ¨new¨¨ and no ¨¨synthesis¨ in Avakian´s talk- Now, I admit to surprise that up to 2.000 lpeople turned out for this event, an unveiling as it were, for a cult leader who has spent around 35 of the most recent years somewhere other than ¨¨here.¨¨ I guess it shows that there are progressive and revolutionary minded people loooking for something, anything to connect with.

I´ve seen his cultists in action at the Grant Houses in Harlem over a period of years and I´ve blogged about the sad spetacle.


I´ve been poking fun at Bob Avakian and his followers and also expressing sadness and pity for a few years now. I out and out refused to engage with Avakian´s thoughts on two main grounds, one being that I found him irrelevant and his crew sadly ridiculous and the other being my life on a work/sleep/eat and commute 70 hour workweek treadmill (plus my hobby which is my blog.)

I am pretty much off the treadmill now.

Avakian has stopped being irrelevant as well. For one thing he has emerged from underground or exile and he has some cloutfull fans like Ed Asner and Cornel West plus he and his crew raised $70,000 to run a full page ad in The New York Times to promote an apparently successful meeting in historically liberal Riverside Church, I wasn´t there but using the events page on Facebook as a reference well over 300 attended. paid good money and spent hours at the meet. This contrasts with their asshat fizzled seven hour Avakian movie marathon at Magic Johnson theater a while back.

I said on March 13, 2013 With a determined if small group of zealots insisting that we all know his name and understand his ideas he just might one day soon become "the next big thing" and I suspect that this post will get many visits over tome, As far as I know though, his name still brings a shrug here at the General Grant Houses where a big push has been on for a couple of years.

I wonder how many Grant Houses residents showed up at this discussion and stayed the duration.

I also wonder how people react to Avakian´´s poem ¨¨All played out¨. Me, I find it strange, a white guy around 70 years old sending shout outs to ¨¨the homies in the hood.¨

My dad (I¨m 68 years old) was a leftist, a long time member of the Communist Party. but he had Al Jolson records he played from time to time.that had a white man in black face. I asked him how he could have record albums that had a white man in black face on the cover. He told me that Jolson was sympatheticto Black people and that he was attempting to humanize them in the eyes of white people in a time when they had no voice. He and my mom once washed my five year old mouth out with Ajax when it got back to them that I had called someone ¨¨nigger¨¨Ävakian uses that word in his ¨ Äll Played Out¨ to tell us that it a word impermissable to use by anyone, any time.

Black people have voices today. Why this is going on mystifies me.