Monday, May 26, 2014

Zahar Popovitch slanders Andrew Brazhevsky a member of Borotba murdered in Odessa

From Borotba:

We have learned that international swindler Zahar Popovich, who is famous for deception of some international left organizations, is in London slandering our comrade Andrew Brazhevsky who was murdered by the Nazis in Odessa.

Popovich claims that Andrew was a Russian monarchist and nationalist or was in such an organization. This is a blatant lie. Andrew Brazhevsky was a convinced Marxist and communist and could not have any relationship to nationalism.

The Odessa defense brigade which Andrew participated in was not a nationalist organization. It was created after the nationalist ultras came to power in Kiev to protect peaceful protest rallies by the resistance. The Odessa brigade included people of different views. Most were ordinary people from Odessa, and consisted of a lot of leftists, including members of Union Borotba and the Communist Party.

We are struck by the cynicism of the liar Popovich , who is trying to slander a dead comrade. We hope that no one on the left in London or in other cities will be taken in by this imposter

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