Saturday, May 10, 2014

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson says US foreign policy is made by the Oligarchs

This is a neo realist view of global politics from Lawrence Wilkerson who also exposes US policy towards Russia.

 "I was there when we said we were going to make Russia a member of NATO" says Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson.

Then Lockheed Martin and  Raytheon and US military elites  started selling to weapons to Poland , Georgia and Romania and massive  expansion of NATO Eastwards.
Democracy and Class Struggle says these neo realist liberals like Wilkerson and  Paul Jay constantly make excuses for Obama.

Obama/s speech in Australia in 2011 announced the Asian Pivot has a new containment policy against China in the same way that the  new US/NATO pivot towards Ukraine is  containment of Russia,

Breaking their own thieves agreements and understandings with renegade Gorbachev and puppet Yeltsin these same elites have embarked on a new Cold War for profit against Russia.

It is a well planned calculated strategic move by US policy makers to retain global dominance and resist to the death if necessary the creation of a multi polar world.

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