Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ukraine: Mariupol at least 21dead and 80 wounded - reports of up to 100 dead

Some notes about yesterday's massacre in Mariupol (southern Ukraine).
How it started: in the morning of May 9, the newly appointed head of the police department Andruschuk (accompanied by the head of special battalion 'Denpr' - newly formed death squad of neo-nazis) - has called a council of local police personnel.
During the meeting the head of police department read to the policemen the order t...o disperse the rally on V-Day and arrest 'the most active citizens'. The policemen refused to fulfil the order then the head of department Andruschuk shot from a pistol at one of the rank-and-file policeman.
His colleagues immediately shot back - the head of the police department was wounded, the head of a death squad 'Dnepr' - killed on the spot. The personnel of police refuse to obey any orders and declare that they would not wage a war against their people.
Immediately APCs, 'National guard' and Right Sector militants sent to suppress the riot of police. Local residents try to defend their policemen but 'National Guard' shoots down at civilians in the streets. Then APCs and 'National Guard' surround the police department and shot down it from machine guns. Policemen shoot back, the the department is set ablaze.
Some rebellious policemen were burnt inside. Then immediately starts the riot of local civilians.
One of the APCs was seized by them.
People chase on the streets the Right sector militants and build barricades.
The rest of police personnel joins them. After the strong confrontation (21 killed and some 80 wounded) 'National Guard' and Right sector militants have to retreat from the town. The mayor flees the town.
Today there started a spontaneous rally under slogan: 'Glory to policemen - defenders, down with police-murderers and 'National guard'.

Дмитрий Колесник

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