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EuroMaidan Nightmare: How the Odessa Massacre Was Engineered in Ukraine

Democracy and Class Struggle says the hand of  Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky was also behind Odessa Massacre the internal contradiction in the Ukraine between Oligarchs and the people is coming to the foreground.

Rinat Akhmetov Oligarch from Donetsk is playing the soft cop for the Kiev Fascist infested Putchists, while Kolomoisky plays the hard cop and killer of the people in Odessa.

The external forces of US/NATO expansionism and Russian Nationalism are exploiting these contradictions but the people have their own agency and their anti Oligarch struggles bring them into class contradiction not only with internal but also external forces.

Declaration on the Establishment of the Committee for the Liberation of Odessa

Today we find ourselves in an environment where public and legal resistance has become impossible. The new authorities and armed groups that emerged after the coup use illegal, repressive actions. Leaders and activists of the popular movement of Kulikova Field are under threat of arrest or abduction by neo-fascist paramilitary detachments.

Due to the de facto ban on opposition political activities in the territories controlled by the Kiev authorities, we, members of the Odessa resistance, are forced to form a center of resistance in exile. At the core of the center are leaders from Kulikova Field who were forced to leave Odessa.

Our goal is to unite all residents of Odessa who are willing to fight against the new authorities. Our struggle is for genuine democracy, where the residents of Odessa and the Odessa area determine for themselves the status of our region, how to organize its inner life, and who will lead the public authorities. Therefore, we must create the conditions for democratic self-determination in the form of a referendum of Odessites on the status of the Odessa region.

After the Odessa region has achieved self-determination, we will continue to fight for the liberation of other regions of Ukraine from the dictatorship of the oligarchs and neo-fascists.

Tasks that we will implement on the way to achieving the objectives of the movement:

1. Support for political prisoners caught in the thrall of the illegal “authorities,” the wounded, injured and families of those killed.

2. Punishment of those responsible for the tragic events of May 2.

3. Coordination of those who had to leave the Odessa region under threat of arrest or violence.

4. With the country plunged into civil war, we should be able to control the situation in Odessa, to protect our city from illegal armed groups and gangs.

The civil conflict has actually escalated into armed confrontation, in which representatives of foreign states are already involved on the side of the Kiev authorities. In these circumstances, we must prepare to defend civilians and take the necessary steps in this direction.

Our center includes people of different political views. We are united by hatred of the Kiev government of oligarchs and neo-fascists, and a clear conviction that the only legitimate source of power is the people. So long as we have not achieved self-determination and the establishment of people's power in the Odessa region, we put aside all political differences and mutual criticism that could stop us from working toward our common goal.

We have a common enemy -- the junta of oligarchs and neo-fascists.

We have a common goal -- liberation of the hero-city of Odessa and Odessa region.

Odessa will be free!

Odessa Regional Council Deputy Alexei Albu 
Odessa City Council Deputy Alexander Vasilyev 
Odessa Regional Council Deputy Vadim Savenko 
Head of “Odessa Yound” Dmitriy

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List of those names massacred in Odessa - incomplete

Information on 36 identified bodies in the union building (many with gun wounds)
1. Biryukov Andrey, 1978 born - shot.
2. Zhulkov Alexander - shot.
3. Yavorsky Nikolay - shot.
4. Petriv Gennadiy, 1985 born - shot.
5. Brazhevskiy Andrew, 1987 born - fall from a height.
6. P.Vadim, 1996 born - fall from a height.
7. Zayats Igor, 1968 born - fall from a height.
8. Kusch Ruslan, 1984 born - fall from a height
9. Varenikina Anna, 1955 born - poisoning.
10. Kalin Anatoliy, 1976 born - poisoning
11. Nikitenko Maksim, 1982 born - fall from a height.
12. Ostorozhnyuk Igor, 1964 born - fall from a height.
13. Bullakh Victor, 1956 born - fall from a height.
14. Ivanov Igor, 1986 born - shot.
15. Markin Vyatcheslav, 1969 born - fall from a height.
16. Negaturov Vadim, 1959 born - asphyxiation.
17. Gnatenko Evgeny, 1952 born - thermal burns
18. Populyakh Alla, 1962 born - asphyxiation.
19. Yakovenko Irina, 1959 born - asphyxiation.
20. Kushnaryov Gennadiy, 1975 born - asphyxiation.
21. Mishin Sergey, 1985 born - asphyxiation.
22. Pikalova Svetlana, 1981 born - asphyxiation.
23. Kovriga Nikolay, 1984 born - asphyxiation.
24. Sadovnichiy Alexander, 1954 born - asphyxiation.
25. Brigar Vladimir, 1984 born - asphyxiation.
26. Nikityuk Dmitriy, 1974 born - asphyxiation.
27. Mythcik Evgeniy, 1983 born - asphyxiation.
28. Stepanov Victor, 1948 born - asphyxiation.
29. Kostyukhin Sergey, 1967 born - asphyxiation.
30. Novitskiy Vladimir, 1944 born - asphyxiation.
31. Polevoy Victor, 1966 born - asphyxiation.
32. Bezhanitskaya Kristina, 1992 born - asphyxiation.
33. Lomakina Nina 1953 born - asphyxiation.
34. Kononov Alexander, 1959 born - asphyxiation.
35. Gnatenko Andrey, 1989 born - asphyxiation.
36. Balaban Alexey, 1982 born - asphyxiation.

All were local people and were anti fascists - although we are aware of some political filth trying to smear these dead people has just Russian separatists or Stalinists and somehow deserving of their fate - to such people all we can say is that these deaths are weightier than Mount Tai but your death political filth will be lighter than a feather.

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