Saturday, May 17, 2014

India Elections : Prashad: It was an anti-Congress wave, not a pro-Modi wave

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SidKhadak said...

Rothschilds planning to Colonize India for another 400 years through Narendra Modi ?

Narendra Modi is a Rothschid Puppet. Through him they’re planning to re-colonize India again.

It was revealed a couple of years back in the Malaysian Parliament that a PR company by the name of APCO Worldwide was subverting public opinion and through it leveraging access to planning government strategies and policies. The name APCO Worldwide suddenly gained fame (or notoriety) in Malaysia after Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim drew comparison of the firm’s image-building campaign for its Malaysian client to a similar campaign by the Israeli government. It became a serious issue as APCO Worldwide is formed of Israel’s ex-Mossad Intelligence officials and has a notorious background. It is infamous for whitewashing Mass Murderers into Messiah, running propaganda campaigns for the invasion of Iraq and later swiftly positioning itself to help American companies plunder Iraqi wealth and resources. Now the firm seems very well placed in doing the same with India, plundering it’s wealth and resources.

The same firm APCO Worldwide is also reported to be handling the entire election campaign to the strategy of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. What makes it noteworthy is that the firm is controlled by none other than the Rothschilds who colonized India for almost four centuries through the East India Company. Recently the Rothschilds have been reported to spreading AIDS in Gujarat through it’s subsidiary company Bayer. The relation between APCO Worldwide and the Rothschilds came to light after the Yukos incident in Russia.

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Anonymous said...

Whlie the above post provides some useful information framing the problems of India has being the Rothchilds is incorrect.

The problem was orginally British Imperialism bu today is Neo Liberalism promoted by Ango American elite.

Modi is a tool of the neo liberals and against the people centred development that India needs rather than neo -liberalism corporate centred development or the Gujurat Model.