Sunday, March 5, 2017

South Korean TV acknowledges high Level meeting between China and North Korea and strengthing of North Korean Chinese defense ties

The THADD missile system radar can see into Northern China and Russian Far East and destabilizes strategic balance in North Asia contrary to this South Korean TV report.

South Korea has a missile defense system and does not need THADD .

Attacks on North Korea are a pretext to undermine Chinese and Russian security

United States and South Korean and Japanese Military actions are unifying China, North Korea and Russia.

Chinese TV has discussed reports on the murder of Kim Jong Nam as involving South Korea and does not universally support Western narrative on this death.

China is pursuing active measures against South Korea because of deployment of THADD.

Chinese diplomats are playing the dry wet game to confuse Western Media.

All these tensions are heightened by US South Korean War games against North Korea called Operation Foal Eagle during March and April.

Northern Asia is a major danger zone especially if regime change in North Korea comes back on agenda under Trump as seems possible.