Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Aleksandr Dugin: Critical Analysis by Wahid Azal and views of Democracy and Class Struggle

Democracy and Class Struggle welcomes this critical analysis of Aleksandr Dugin by Wahid Azal  - we have studied and watched the evolution of this Russian Thinker in Theory and the Practice and his eclectic and deliberately ambiguous ideology of the Fourth Political Theory which underpins a section of the rightist resurgence in Europe and even the USA.

One of the recent ideological obscenities of the 21st century was the Televison love in of Alex Jones of InfoWars and Aleksandr Dugin. 

Dugin played Alex Jones in the interview but Alex Jones was not even aware of it - it certainly exposed US ideological primitivism against Russian ideological sophistication.

In the role of the special adviser to Putin, Dugin, has been the purveyor of bad advice instigating the "closeness" of Russian Presidential Administration to the Trump Presidential Campaign - - - which has ensured that a Russian US Detente has been removed to a very distant future - the dialectic of unintended consequences !

The ideological space that Aleksandr Dugin is now trying to fill is that of France now the US Trump Debacle is apparent to all but the Old Believers and the very real danger that NATO and Trump pose to Russia.

The Slogan of Marine Le Pen of Globalists verses Patriots is right out of Aleksandr Dugin's Playbook.

It is an attempt to transcend Left and Right and Democracy and Class Struggle for a non class Utopia of Patriots.

Russia in 1917 and 2017 shows that the bourgeoisie are profit patriots and the real patriots are the poor - yes the proletariat - the real world has a truth of its own.

The US Bourgeoisie has "declassed" the Trumpen proletariat - Marine Le Pen's ambition for France is to serve the French bourgeoisie and the centralizing French State where bourgeoisie profit patriots will run wild and the proletariat loses its class identity in a sea of red white and blue in feudal submission to Joan of Arc.

In the era of Imperialism the working class are the real patriots in the nations imprisoned in the Imperialist States of Britain, France and Spain. 

Duginist involvement in French Presidential Election will create same dialectical consequences as in US Election and push France Further away from Russia not closer.

Democracy and Class Struggle is opposed to British Nationalism in all it variants and in particular to UKIP variant which is in the words of Marine Le Pen is a hairs breath way from the Front Nationale.

We stand uneqivocally for the rights of self determination of the Nations imprisoned in the British State the Scottish, The Welsh and Irish People in the North of Ireland and the people of Kernow and Manxx.

The non class and even "declassed" view of politics of the Front Nationale with its patriots against the Globalists is social class fakery taken to the extreme - a page out of the idiot of the 21st Century Donald J Trump and the trumpen proletariat.

The attempt to transform the Global System of Capitalist Imperialism into just some elite is missing the ideological base and social superstructure of Capitalist Imperialism and its class structure and function.

Globalists verses patriots is not anti capitalist or even anti imperialist it is social chauvinism and phrase mongering of the worst sort.

The Front Nationale is an enemy of the Nations imprisoned in the French State as the British State is of the Nations of the British Isles.

Democracy and Class  Struggle Stands with the Bretons, the Basques , The Occitane for their rights of self determination against the French State just as we oppose the British one.

Dugin's ideology whether it is in Austria the Netherlands the USA or France will face the reality of Class Struggle and anti Imperialist patriotism and no Dugin Occultism can overcome that - Himmler tried that in the past and Dugin will have the same result - it is not a Russian Truth but the real world with a truth of its own

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