Thursday, March 16, 2017

South Korea - New Instability in North Asia but South Korean People are a source of Hope bringing down a corrupt President and fighting for Peace on Korean Peninsula with a Progressive Electoral victory in sight

Democracy and Class Struggle salute the South Korean People first in their overthrow of a corrupt President and now in the struggle for Peace on the Korean Peninsula.

The Editor of Democracy and Class Struggle can remember running down the streets of Seoul in 1990's as teargas filled the air - how brave the South Korean people were then - as they were brutally attacked and fought back.

The South Korean people have just put an end to 10 years of reaction and conservatism and will open a new chapter in Korean History,

Democracy and Class Struggle believes the internal dynamic or if you like the internal contradictions in Korea will drive the new process of the struggle for Peace and not international relations.

The internal contradictions in Korea are primary and if handled correctly will expel US and Japan off the Korean Peninsula.

Long Live the Unification of the Korean People in the 21st Century..