Saturday, March 4, 2017

Operation Foal Eagle a Provocation Against North Korea during March and April 2017

Democracy and Class Struggle says these annual provocations against North Korea are part of the problem and not a solution to the problems of the Korean Peninsular.

The entry of US and South Korean Ships in the Northern Limit Line a US and South Korean - self declared maritime border   - a 100 miles North of the DMZ is an invitation to war and disaster.

Given the presence of Trump in US and his  Korean running dogs in South Korea anything can happen - but you can be sure any further encroachment into North Korean waters will be opposed by China and Russia who defense systems in Northern Asia are destabilized by the THADD deployment in South Korea.

China and North Korea are coming closer together not further apart as a result of United States, Japanese and South Korean military activities in Northern Asia ignore the disinformation from the "experts"

Despite all the attempts of US to create problems with North Korea in which we include the recent death of Kim Jong Nam as part of psychological warfare activities - the Chinese Military and Russian Military know where their interests are - and it is to support North Korea in their own self interest.