Saturday, March 25, 2017

Culture Wars on Social Media - David Pakman and Kyle of Secular Talk discuss

Democracy and Class Struggle has now reached 2 million viewers so we are little league social media player - in David Pakman and Kyle terms we would be denounced as Social Justice Warriors.

Clarifying what is Left and Right is key to social progress as the right wallows in conflating right and left and social democratic liberals like Pakman and Kyle contribute to that confusion rather than clarity.

Social ownership and State ownership are routinely conflated - the market is usually not understood and the great trick of market socialism is foisted on the progressive movement and its antithesis the plan is just described as bureaucracy and not the working class democracy that it would be under real socialism where democracy is not purely political but social and economic.

The discussion between Pakman and Kyle although within limits of social liberalism rather than socialism is a useful starting point to look at challenges and opportunities of social media in early 21st century.