Thursday, March 9, 2017

Korean Alert - Rejection of Chinese Proposals on Korean Peninsular makes a collision course set

Democracy and Class Struggle says the rejection by the United States and South Korea to halt war games on North Korean border for next two months  in exchange for North Korea halting its missile tests indicates the collision course is set to continue between US and South Korea.

The cancellation of unofficial talks between North Korean and United States occurred following the death of Kim Jong Nam.

With the breakdown of unofficial as well as official talks through China with North Korea means we are in dangerous territory.

Given who is the White House in USA and the instability in South Korea it will take very little to bring full scale conflagration on the Korean Peninsular.

North Korea despite the propaganda to the contrary is a rational actor and see nuclear weapons as a means of its survival - it was continually threatened with nuclear weapons by the United States in the 1950's to the 1990's which compelled it to start it own nuclear defense programme.

The psychological war against North Korea is a heights we have not seen for some time because of the Kim Nam Jong incident - an incident that the former Malaysian Prime Minister hints may not be what it appears.

The position of China and Russia on conflict on the Korean Peninsular is hardening because THADD deployment threatens the strategic balance on North Asia and tensions with US and South Korea and Japan will escalate as China and Russia take defensive countermeasures against THADD.

Democracy and Class Struggle Statement

9th March 2016