Thursday, March 30, 2017

Right Wing Populism or Proto Fascism ? - The French Presidential Elections

Democracy and Class Struggle says that France has always been a capitalist ideological battlefield  - with a new presentation of false alternatives - the dichotomies of bourgeois thought.

We see "official" Russia as expressed in a speech by Sergei Lavrov that wants to normalize the Front Nationale just as it seeks to normalize Trump's proto Fascism.

Russia has not learnt from the Trump Tragedy it now wants the Marine Le Pen Farce.

Here is Lavrov lecturing senior officers of the Military Academy of the General Staff, Moscow, March 23, 2017 pushing the fake Dugin narrative of patriots verses globalists.

Sergey Lavrov: I wouldn’t call Donald Trump or Marine Le Pen “fringe politicians” if only because they absolutely fit into the principles that underlie the functioning of the American and French states. Marine Le Pen is a European member of parliament and her party is active in the national parliament. Donald Trump has been elected in full accordance with the American constitution, with its two-level indirect system of electing the president. 

I would not even call them populists. The word “populist” has a negative connotation. 

You said interestingly that populists are those who represent the people. There are nuances in the interpretation of the word “populist.”

In modern Russian it tends to be applied to people who go into politics, but do not bear the responsibility for their words and just seek to lure voters. A populist is someone who might promise to triple wages while the budget absolutely cannot support it, etc.

So I would rather call them realists or anti-globalists, if you like. 

Having said that, anti-globalists are also associated with hooligans who try to disrupt the G20 and G7 summits,

Putin has said at a meeting today on the Artic that the US and Russia relations are at zero - French ones are about to go the same way - he had better start asking why ? 

Putin's international success's are behind him and they are now ending and domestic pressures are building.

Russia needs the revolutionary realism of a Lenin a social justice patriot not the "Chaos Magic" of  a Dugin.

As April approaches Russian Communists should prepare their new April Theses  taking power back to the People as the Putin Administration is rapidly losing its way and the Putin sell by date is already visible even from a distance.