Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Russia US relations reality check - Military Industrial Complex pushes Nuke modernization - interview with Larry Wilkerson

Democracy and Class Struggle says even a Larry Wilkerson can see US involvement with Navalny protests in Russia.

"If anyone from our party gets ‘glued’ to Navalny – this American toy invented for organizing color revolutions – this would mean a 100-percent failure for us,” said Zyuganov leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

It is worthy of note that the massive demonstrations organised by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation during the middle of March throughout Russia were completely ignored by Western Media.

With The Russian Presidential Administration involved in US elections and Trump Administration supporting covert US Actions in Russia in support of Navalny we are at reality check ground zero.

We agree with Larry Wilkinson that Putin is now passing his sell by date.

The Putin  Administration involvement in US elections shows he is losing his political touch - with Michael Flynn being thrown under the bus.

We agree with Aleksandr Buzgalin that Trump is dangerous for Russia,

The Russian Presidential Elections open a new perspective with the rebuilding of a communist movement in the Russian Federation - let the spirit of 1917 return to Russia and smash the beyond left and right ultra nationalists whose denial of class struggle is proto fascism  be it in Russia or USA.