Friday, December 24, 2010

New document passes in UCPN-Maoist CC meeting

Kathmandu, 18 Dec: The central committee meeting of UCPN-Maoist has passed a unified document in place of three different documents put forwarded in Palungtar party extended meeting. Central committee meeting has decided to pass a single document by submitting principal contradiction, party line and working plan from the three different documents.

The meeting has reached to the conclusion to publish inter-party forum for the debate on the difference of opinion. According to a central committee member, the party has adapted the Leninist organizational principle- freedom in discussion and unity in action. The party has its common thinking to develop ideas and its methods to solve the problems created in the movement and in the party.

Party has decided to run struggle for nationality, people\'s power and people\'s livelihood during one month- from January 15 to February 12. For the preparation of the struggle, party has decided to take schooling for one moth prior to the struggle.

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