Thursday, December 16, 2010

Message of condolence from CARC Party of Italy on death of Comrade Jaganath Singh of the Punjab Student Union

The CARC Party , participating in the 18th Congress of the revolutionary students of ANNISU(r) in Kathmandu ( Nepal ), expresses its deep condolence for the death of comrade Jagaňath Singh, of the Punjab Student Union, who was participating in the Congress, who suddenly died of an illness.

Comrade Jagaňath Singh died in the battlefield, and he has to be honoured as a martyr of the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie going on all over the world. So we do, and we release the news of his death to all the organizations and the people we are in touch, and particularly to the students struggling all over the world, and to those who are struggling in Italy against the attack to their rights by the fascist, racist and Mafia gang of Berlusconi. Hundred of thousands of students, millions of them, are struggling in many countries of Asia, thousands of revolutionary students are here in Kathmandu struggling for a new society, for the new democracy, for socialism, and Jagaňath Singh was one of them.

We shall advance in his way, we shall realize his dreams, we shall win.

Long live Jagaňath Singh!

Long live the struggle of Punjab students!

Long live the struggle of students of India ; Nepal , of the whole Asia , of the whole world!

Kathmandu, 14 December 2010

Himal Sharma Elected President of All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU) Revolutionary

Kathmandu, 15 Dec. 2010: Himal Sharma, a reverent student leader, has been unanimously elected on the post of president of All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU)-(Revolutionary) from the eighteenth national assembly at Kirtipur in the capital city Kathmandu. Before election, he was in the post of general secretary of the union for more than two years. He has been elected on the post for two years to come.

The division of the other chief posts will be after the first meeting of newly elected 201 member central committee. From them, only 21 members will be able to be elected on the chief posts of the central committee. The executive body will involve vice president, general secretary, deputy general secretary, secretary and treasurer under the leadership of president

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