Wednesday, December 15, 2010

National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts

Leaflet For 15th December National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts

On the 15th we are focussing on Housing Benefit cuts, below is text you can copy and distribute and remix:-

Local Housing Allowances – currently based on the median rent in an area – will be be reduced to the 30th percentile (bottom third approx) of private rents, will affect 774,970 households across the UK, who will lose an average of £9 a week.

In Manchester recipients will lose £61 a month, while in the north-east households in Newcastle will see a drop of £43. Loss in Cambridge is estimated at £100 a month, while those in Brighton and Hove and Woking will lose £69

A report by the DWP shows that almost 100% of LHA (Local Housing Allowance) recipients in Wales will be worse off by an average of £9 a week.

Cap of £400 a week on a four bedroom house £250 a week for a two-bedroom home.

Percentage of privately rented properties available to housing benefit claimants in central London will fall from more than 50% to just 7%.

It is not only the unemployed and those with disabilities or health issues, 680,000 working households claim housing benefit, 14% of the total housing benefit caseload.

Because rents rise at an average of 5% a year, the government ceiling of £250 a week housing benefit for a two-bedroom home would be quickly reached in many parts of the south.

Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants who are in receipt of Housing Benefit will also be penalised – from April 2013 after they have been claiming JSA for a year they will have their Housing Benefit entitlement cut by 10 per cent – presumably meaning that they have to move house, become homeless or pay the extra with their £65 a week JSA.

Protest to your MP, check media & web for planned protests, see National Day of Protest Against Welfare & Housing Benefit Cuts on Facebook. This can be stopped if everyone resists the Coaltion’s Austerity Doctrine that makes us pay for crimes committed by the banks, financiers, tax cheating corporations and successive Neoliberal Governments of all Parties

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