Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CPI (MLM) Communiqué #6:People Beware! Mousavi is not your brother and he is not on your side!

These words might sound unpleasant for many of you engaged in bloody battle with the enemy, but open your eyes and ears!

Mir Hossein Mousavi called on you to “consider the Basiji your brothers”. This means you should consider your brothers those who used knives and machetes on the bodies of your dearest sons and daughters. Mousavi told you “not to consider the army to be against you”. This means considering to be your friends those who under the orders of Khamenei are trying to smash your uprising and are shooting our youth in many corners of the country.

Young people, be alert!

Mousavi claims that “the genuine call of Islamic revolution” is what has moved you. This is a blatant lie. He knows very well that what has moved you is a burning desire to change this world. It’s impossible to change the existing order without overthrowing the Islamic Republic.

Mousavi claimed that “the heritage of the far-sighted Imam [Khomeini]” is what has inspired you. This is also a blatant lie. Khomeini’s first measures after taking power were to slice women’s faces with knives, force them to cover their heads and take away their basic rights. He sent the army to suppress the people of Kurdistan, Khoozistan and Turkmen Sahra. Is that what has inspired you?

Brave young women and men, pay attention to Mousavi’s real demands!

He calls you to “the Islamic revolution as it was and the Islamic Republic as it should be”. He tells you, “You are not against the sacred Islamic Republic system and its legal structures”. He tells you that you must seek reform, “a reform with a return to the pure principles of the Islamic Revolution.. .”

Look at this society drowning in corruption, destruction, superstition, dark religious ignorance, drug addiction and prostitution. These are the fruits of those pure principles. Principles against which you have courageously risen.

Mousavi says, “Many of our problems are the consequence of lies”. But he himself is lying… One of Mousavi’s big lies in 1981 was to slander the Sarbedaran uprising in Iran as “inspired by the Shah”. The Sarbedaran uprising was waged to overthrow the Islamic Republic and save the people’s revolution, but it was defeated. These are facts that you all must know.

In these decisive days, besides bravery and perseverance in the battlefield, you must arm and strengthen your mind with the truths of the last 30 years. These truths light up our road and further strengthen us. Mousavi, with his religious preaching, wants to numb your searching brains. If you know the truth – that the quarrel between Mousavi, Rafsanjani and [opposition figure Mehdi] Karoubi on the one hand, and Khamenei and Ahmadinejad on the other, is a quarrel between two power- and money-hungry Mafia gangs and has nothing to do with your interests – then you can find the real liberating road and dare to scale the heights for your liberation.

Young women and men – fight! But fight with open eyes and lofty goals!

Mousavi’s trademarks are the slogan “God is great” and the [Islamic] colour green. Many of you think that these symbols are important for your unity. But they are first and foremost the symbols of the society that Mousavi promises to build – nothing but the same Islamic Republic with minor reforms to make it stronger.

Is this really the kind of society you want? Is it worth so much sacrifice? Why can’t we make sacrifices for much higher and loftier goals? Why not struggle for a fundamentally different society and future? A society free of all oppression and exploitation. A society where everyone shares and cooperates. Where the equality of women and men is a fundamental and self-evident principle. Where the beautiful scenes of collaboration, mutual help and consideration we are witnessing in our common battles today would be institutionalized. A society that is rid of boredom and stagnation, and always lively and active.

Shouldn’t we think about these things and debate them even in the midst of the battle? In fact it is decisive for the future of our uprising to know what kind of society we want and how we can bring it about. This view, perspective and commitment must be linked up broadly with your anger and struggle today against this bigoted and fraudulent rule. This is the only way to prevent our efforts in this historical juncture from going to waste and prevent us from confusing friends and enemies.

Let’s raise our level of consciousness! And widely stir debate among the masses!

Form revolutionary cells of the most advanced young women and men in each neighbourhood, factory and university to widely distribute leaflets, do exposures and raise consciousness among the masses and bring more people into the various militant struggles.

First published on Kasama but source World to Win News Service

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