Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Situation in Nepal still exists in favour of revolutionaries: Dilip Maharjan "Bhishma"

UCPN-Maoist is in intense two line struggle. How can you explain it in people’s language for easy understanding?
Certainly, the issues of two line struggle are known to the people. It means two line struggle has reached to the people. The situation and the need demanded to carry the two line struggle among the people. Two-line struggle, in the past, was less concerned to the people because it was more in the level of opinion, ideology and the tactical line of the party. However, today, party leadership is advancing against the decisions of the party one after other. Recently, 4-point agreement, BIPPA agreement, 7-point agreement, dissolution of People’s Liberation Army, returning the land of the landless and homeless to the land lords, confiscation of the rights of the workers and make the local people deprived of their privileges are the activities committed by the party leadership which is against the people, nation and the right of freedom.
These all are directly linked with people, society and the nation as well. These issues are not the issues that are concerned only with leaders, cadres and the political parties. They can not be solved with handful and cunning know-alls, it needs a broader and a nation-wide conventional live interaction among the people. People should participate and are participating in debate now.
What are the obstacles that are bringing to a halt to carry programmes among the people?
Yes, we are not visiting people making programmes nationwide. However, we are initiating our programmes of awareness to make them careful. But, some of the major issues like returning land to the landlords, BIPPA, disrespected fusion of army; the revolutionary leadership has called the people and PLA to stand up for their right. People have stood up and they are fighting collectively against the steps of the ruling class. We were not /are not ready to accept the deceitful deeds that are committed by the leadership in the name of entire party. But, we are agreed with the decision that PLA should be integrated respectfully, scientific land-reform should be implemented for the option of returning land BIPPA and other notorious treaties should be dismissed. The programmes are being developed into actional form from agitational.
What are the inconveniences that UCPN-Maoist revolutionary faction is bearing now in the inner struggle? How can you make the international revolutionary parties and the organizations convinced that you are fighting in a revolutionary way?       
Yes, our international fraternal parties and organizations are suggesting us very seriously and they are too much worried about the revolution of Nepal. International fraternal organizations are too much worried since the period when party leadership ended People’s War, dissolved base area and confined the PLA into cantonment sites. These actions were taken by a single person without asking anyone to take suggestions and without holding meeting of party central committee once. They have made aware. They had/have suggested us that the steps taken by UCPN-Maoist should be corrected on time. We are discussing in the party that the steps should be corrected.
They have suggested being more careful about the activities that are carrying the party into way towards submission and surrender. They have seriously suggested the revolutionary faction to be aware on time. Because we are internationalist, we have taken it very seriously. We want to assure them that the protection and the development of any revolution depend on the subjective force and the objective condition of the specific nation, although the external situation can play a mentionable role.
What type of role of the fraternal parties and the organizations are you expecting from Nepal?
The inner struggle in the Maoist party is ideological debate. Ideological deviation has occurred in the main leadership of the party. Therefore, we think the inner struggle is mainly ideological. Therefore, we expect the comrades in the international soil to raise a new ideological debate to cross the incompleteness in the debate and discussion in the international arena. We think that will help us in concluding the debate.
We are in need of the debate in the level of ideology and procedures that help to cross the negative aspects, which leads to deviation, in the international communist movement.
Can you point out any grounds and facts that can show the optimism driving revolution ahead?
Revolutionaries are in favourable condition. The problem exists within the bourgeois, not within the revolutionary. The present crisis in Nepal actually exits within the opportunists and the revisionists. There is problem of idea, ideology and procedure within them. Revolutionaries have more positive aspects and if they advance together, they can fulfill their duty by completing revolution. They can harvest fruit from serious crisis that exists in bourgeois system.
The issues that UCPN-Maoist is raising are related to the emancipation of Nepalese society. The issue of federalism, restructuring of the state, People’s federal constitution, land to the tillers, inclusion of discriminated, marginalized, gender, region, dalit and ethnicities in decision making place are the issues that can empower people. We have not abandoned them. Only the leadership is deviated and we are fighting.
There is no centralized power here in Nepal. People are in support of change. The feudal and bourgeois power is in smashing condition. If we take initiative from revolutionary side, we can advance in a new way.

Source: RED STAR

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