Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dahal aka Prachanda in New York : Its objectionable says Buddhists - Report from Red Star

5 November:

Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda is in New York with his visiting team including his son and cousin. The aim of the visit is to collect donation for the Lumbini Development Project and make religious publicity of Lumbini tourism as it has said. Lumbini is the holy place for all the peace loving people of the world in general. However, it is the original holy place for Buddhists and those who follow Buddha religion. Dahal comes from Hindu religion. He is a Hindu born Brahmin and from purely Hindu Brahmin caste.

Because of his familial religious background, Buddhists are opposing his activities and denying him to respect in the rank of a monk. They claim that it is very objectionable and it is a form of interference in the internal affairs of Buddha religion. They are claiming that Christians are penetrating through a Hindu born leader. They ridicule him by saying that ‘it would better for him to be a Christian than a Buddhist’. What is hidden behind this mockery and what is the actual thing they want to say, but they repeatedly say that it is very-very objectionable for them. Analysts say that the leaders of the developing countries are being bridges to fulfill the interest of the imperial powers. Therefore, suspicions can not be denied openly.

But, the political analysts say that Dahal is in New York visit after signing anti-people and anti-nation agreements to make imperials happy. Some others say that ‘he is not making any publicity of Lumbini and Lord Gautam Buddha; rather he is making his own publicity to be Prime Minister’. Both the analyses are not far from the facts. The objection of Buddhists, on the one hand, not to make cover of Buddhism for his own interest and collecting New York opinion, on the other, for appointing him in the Premiership of the nation are interconnected, say diplomats.

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