Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy Cardiff has a base at 1 Cathedral Road Cardiff - Resistance overcomes Repression - Greetings to Occupy Cardiff from Democracy and Class Struggle

Occupy Cardiff is now occupying the grass outside of Unite the Union as its been offered to us for now, 1 Cathedral road, CF11 9HA. (Transport house) Donations needed of any kind from, tents, sleeping bags, food anything will help!

Yesterday in Cardiff we had a mockery of democracy with the Cardiff Police saying Occupy Cardiff could not stay on the green by the Motorpoint Centre as a group or move as a group.

We appeal to people in Wales to support Occupy Cardiff has this is a free speech battle in the 21st century in Wales.

We stand on the shoulders of giants in Wales who have fought for free speech- do not let our forefathers down.

Just a part of the roll call in the battle for free speech in Wales - Edward Morgan, Zepaniah Williams, John Frost, William Jones, A J Cook, Arthur Horner, Annie Powell, Niclas Y Glais.

Visit : Occupy Cardiff


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