Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy London Statement on 9th November and the Right to Protest

Today we offer our support and solidarity to students and construction workers protesting against the creeping impoverishment of our society, in our shared desire to create a better world. We look forward to a day of peaceful protest and creative actions to draw attention to the systemic problems that are affecting this country.

In a free society, the right to assemble and protest is sacrosanct. Occupy London condemns the unhelpful and counterproductive press briefings given yesterday which present the spectre of rubber bullets being used in this country against peaceful protesters. We remind all those reading this that many of those protesting today will be under 18.

Occupy London also condemns the issue of “warning letters” to those who have previously been involved in the student movement. The only conceivable reason for such action is in an attempt to produce a chilling effect on future protest. In a free society, this is simply not acceptable.

Occupy London wishes all demonstrating today well. We stand in solidarity with them and also our brother and sister occupations throughout the world. For occupiers in the US and Australia, the possibility of disproportionate police action is very real: to entertain similar action in this country, even for the briefest moment, is irresponsible in the extreme.

Please note that our media phone numbers have changed for the day.
Main media number: +44 (0) 74280 76610
Additional media numbers are listed on our website:

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