Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baidya aka Kiran, Thapa aka Badal urge PLA combatants to shun regrouping process

The leaders of the hardliner faction of ruling UCPN (Maoist) have urged People’s Liberation Army (PLA) combatants to boycott the regrouping process which is due to start form Saturday, November 19.

Issuing a joint press statement on Tuesday, vice chairperson Mohan Baidya and party general secretary Ram Bahadaur Thapa urged PLA combatants not to participate in the ongoing process that started as per the recent seven-point agreement among the main political parties.

“The agreement related to army integration is against peace and is extremely disrespectful to the People’s Liberation Army. So we call upon all PLA commanders and combatants to boycott such process,” the statement adds.

The Baidya-Thapa statement comes a day after the Special Committee headed by the Prime Minister endorsed the action plan for integration, rehabilitation and voluntary retirement of the Maoist combatants.

As per the action plan, survey teams will be mobilised in the cantonment sites from November 16 to start regrouping of the combatants and the process will conclude by November 23.

Meanwhile, Maoist secretary and a leader of the hardliner faction, C.P Gajurel, said that the statement of the vice chairman Baidya and general secretary Baidya only called for the boycotting of the regrouping for integration, not the whole process.

'The integration is not going to be respectful. We have only told the combatants that the integration is voluntary and that there is no pressure to opt for it," Gajurel told reporters at the party headquarters, Paris Danda. He denied that the combatants have not been asked to shun the rehabilitation package.

source : nepalnews.com

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