Wednesday, March 25, 2009

PM Prachanda says his party is committed to multiparty system

Prime Minister and chairman of Unified CPN (Maoist)Prachanda has reiterated his party’s commitments to multiparty political system, adding that his party believes in multi-party system in socialism as well.

Speaking at the Constitutional Committee of the Constituent Assembly Wednesday morning, PM DahalPrachanada said his party will always remain against imperialism and feudalism.

He claimed Nepal has been facing inhibition and suppression from foreign powers though the country seems to remain as an independent and sovereign country. Claiming that Nepal is currently passing through the state of semi-colonialism, PM Prachanda stressed on the need to strengthen sovereignty and national integrity through the new constitution that the constituent assembly is to draft this year.

PM Prachanda on the occassion handed over the suggestions for new constitution on behalf of his party.

The committee has invited top leaders of the four big political parties to get their party-view on the constitution after the parties did not submit their suggestions by the time frame as prescribed by the committee earlier

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