Monday, March 9, 2009

“Our party never took the Tharu Community as Madhesis”, clarified Gajurel of UCPN Maoist

“Our party never took the Tharu Community as Madhesis”, he clarified.

Mr. Gajurel said, India has occupied Nepali lands in 58 different locations along the open border including Susta, Kalapani and Ilam, our party will soon launch a National Awareness Program against this continued Indian aggression”.

Mr. Matrika Yadav, a Madesh and renegade leader however, believes that the Pahadiya Rulers of Nepal ( he Means Prachanda and Bhattarai ) are trying to create fissures between the indigenous Tharu community and the Madhesi community to create unrest in Terai.


Stephen Mauldin said...

Nick, not seeing prior comment on this issue.. maybe needs some time.. it moves fast. I am addressing the situation, but I think it is better to leave the plugs to you.. talk soon.

nickglais said...

Checked out the story on Nepal News about CPN Maoist confusion and mistakes contributing to crisis - this was why I wrote that The UCPN Maoist should support the Tharu and the latest statement of Gujarel on a National Awreeness campaign against Indian Agression is very timely and a correct political move.

Matrika Yadav I believe is contributing to and playing right into the hands of the enemies of the Nepalese Revolution and the chaos with his Madesh demamds.

Matrika Yadav is getting a ratbag of trotskyists and third world Maoists support in the West who always sing from the bourgeoisies hymn sheet when real revolutions occur.

Stephen Mauldin said...

Right about positive moves by CP Gajurel and your other commentary.
I am gearing up to return to Nepal with a lot more investigation and research on the growing crisis:

In on-going contact with people in Kathmandu now.. the driving factor is power - literally, the load-shedding is leading to chaos. The Maoists have essentially a failed state on their hands (but maybe that was supposed to be next).. the people are in a state of fear with rapidly rising criminality and corruption at every stop.. they need to give up both despair and faith in the parties and the governance.. somehow take resposibility into their own hands.. but who has the guns?