Wednesday, March 25, 2009

End of Transitional Period ?

Red Star reporter

Eleven months have been passed since the election of Constituent Assembly. Nine months since the declaration of Republic of Nepal and a few months since the formation of the Maoist-led government have been passed. The period of writing a new constitution has already been declared only for 2 and half years.

The members of Constituent Assembly are in the villages for collecting suggestions to write the new constitution. They are in the campaign to visit people door-to-door and requesting them for suggestions by providing them the sheets of questions. Big mass gatherings are being held even in the remote villages for the collection of oral suggestions. However, the analysts are complaining that the issue of drafting constitution and state restructuring is not given priority.

The demands of the Tharu, indigenous community have been addressed and people are in hopefully open their eye-lids. However, former king Gyanendra is in Delhi visit. The leader of the opposition party Nepali Congress, Girija Prasad Koirala and the leader of the coalition party UML Khadka Oli have visited India in the name of medical check.

Delhi visit of the status quo and regressive elements has roused the suspicion among Nepalese people. On the other hand, the issue of army-recruitment has not given good impact among the people and the issue has not been cool down. The Attorney General has publicly spoken that the issue of army-recruiting is the disobeying of the directive of the government. They are logically justifying that the illegal act of recruiting.

Indeed, there is struggle in between two different class, ideology and tendency about utilizing the transition period for their own interest. The regressive are trying to regain their 'lost heaven'. Delhi, visit of Former King Gyanendra is directly related with it and he is requesting Indian government for its helping hand. He has been the guest of the most disputed leader Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat State of India.

The senior most Leader of Unified CPN-Maoist Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said that "Former King Gyanendra is crying for help to declare his grand son a 'baby king'. He is crying for help with the regressive and status quo forces of Nepal'. GP Koirala is making a campaign against the Maoist-led government with the help of Indian leaders in Delhi. Anti-Maoist leader KP Oli is making campaign against the government after returning Nepal from Delhi. The Nepalese media have repeatedly published the new on the visit of Delhi even by the Nepal Army officers.

Has the transition period really ended? Most of the people and analysts are asking this question. The instability in the country and continuous interference of foreign power will not be in favour of Nepal and Nepalese people. The activities of anti-people power have clearly indicated the situation of inevitability conflict and encounter.

The movements inside the country along with the obstacles in the ongoing tasks of the government to address the aspiration and expectation of the people have provided a fertile ground for the outer intervention. The foreign reactionary powers of India and America are in search of opportunity to bring the Maoist-led government to anti-nation and anti-people treaty.

The analysts say, "The Indian government can take more benefit from putting Maoist-led government in power than replacing it from the power. It is a known fact that the Indian government is always taking disadvantages from the newly formed government; whether it is from revolution or people's movement. Now, India is hatching conspiracies to make a new anti-nation treaty through the creation of a big pressure. Because, India knows Nepali Congress or CPN UML can not run the government due to their lack of faith and minority vote."

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