Monday, March 9, 2009

Eighth day of Terai strike see more vandalism

The eighth day of strike by Tharus in Terai districts saw more incidents of vehicles being vandalised by the agitators as people attempted to defy the strike.

In few districts including Dang, the agitators have agreed to let the vehicles ply the roads for at least two hours a day to allow transportation of essential goods. In Siraha, the Tharus decided to withhold all protests programmes for three days to mark Holi, a popular Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal.

In Kapilvastu, most market places are open while everything remains shut in Sunsari, Morang, Mahottari, Sarlahi, Nawalparasi, Udaypur, Bardiya, Parsa and others districts.

In Rautahat, the Tharu cadres vandalised over a dozen vehicles alleging them of defying the strike. In Nawalparasi, two vehicles including an ambulance were vandalised. Few vehicles have been vandalised in Sarlahi as well.

Chitwan, which experienced bloodshed during the demonstration, saw a peaceful rally today but market places, educational institutions and transport services remain closed.

Democracy and Class Struggle supports the demands of the Tharus and calls on the Government to seriously address their concerns as well as to combat the separatist Madesh campaigns of renegades like Matrika Yadav and others.

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Stephen Mauldin said...

WELL... I do sort of appreciate an-car-chy - its an obvious indicator of corruption ( I see $800 a month state employees in Beijing driving Mercedes everyday). Anyway, it is important to point out that such Maoist leaders as G.P. Gajurel are counter-acting certain factions in the somewhat Maoist uncontrolled government re: the mis-presentation of the Tharu

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