Sunday, March 8, 2009


The Viva Palestina convoy is still stuck at the Rafah border crossing after it was being prevented from progressing to the gates of Gaza.

According to the leaders of the convoy, obstacles have been erected to stop the convoy moving from El Arich to the amazement and disbelief of everyone involved.

The whole convoy is determined to stay united in purpose and that all vehicles and equipment including the convoy's mascot, the fire engine,the boat and the generator.

George Galloway and other convoy leaders have been involved in lenghty negociations all day with the Egyptians to find a solution to whatever the problem seems to be. Negociations will carry on for the rest of the day,and it does look like the convoy WILL NOT cross into Gaza today.

Frustration is building up amongst the convoy members who are baffled by the decision and attitude of the Egyptian authorities. They are hopeful that the humanitarian aid they have carried for 10000km and 24 days across seven countries and two continent will finally reach the needy and destitute people and children of Gaza without any further unnecessary delays

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