Thursday, March 5, 2009

CARC Solidarity Statement with Konstantina Kuneva

On December 23, sulphuric acid was thrown at the face of Konstantina Kuneva as she was returning home from work. Konstantina is in the intensive care ward of Evangelismos hospital suffering serious sight and respiratory system problems.

Who was Konstantina? Why was she attacked?

Konstantina is one among the hundreds of female immigrant workers who have been working for years as cleaners. She is general secretary of the Panattic Union of Cleaners and Domestic Personnel. She is a militant union organizer, well known for her stance against various bosses. She had a clash with the employer company “OIKOMET” when she demanded for herself and the rest of her colleagues to get paid the whole amount of money of her Christmas bonus. She also denounced illegal procedures in payments. Just a short while ago the same company fired her mother in an act of revenge against her and she got herself an unfavourable transfer to Marousi station.


The promoter group of Italian Preparatory Commission of Women’s World Conference (Venezuela, 2011) expresses solidarity and closeness to the comrade Konstantina.

We wish her a speedy healing and to fully recover all forces for continuing together the struggle against the rot and savagery perpetrated by the decadent capitalist system. We express also all our anger for this abject attack by a gang of paramilitary and gangsters paid from bosses who can now freely wallow and repeat those attacks as they want; for the connivance of the people who talks about the democratic rights, conquered by the popular masses and by the international communist movement, as the opportunist social-democrats and bureaucratic trade unionists who care only of their personal interests and do not lift a finger for defending workers' rights, supporting and feeding the ban and the legitimacy of these actions, making themselves accomplices and blemishing themselves with blood just like the fascist tyrants of Konstantina did.

But nothing will be unpunished! The offenders have to pay! The only justice is proletarian and there is no social peace or conciliation with people who kills and exploits the workers and popular masses, who represses and tortures the vanguards of struggle as Konstantina that oppose, with no ifs and buts, for the defence of political rights and in the workplace. Konstantina continued to struggle for safeguarding her rights and those of her colleagues despite the harassments at work, the intimidations and the blackmails, life’s precariousness, the arduous conditions and the difficulties to which a woman worker, immigrant and alone with a child to care for is subject.

Her resistance and pertinacity strengthen our belief and determination in the struggle for the emancipation of the women of the popular masses and for building a new society where there will be a dignified place for every man, woman, elder and child, It will be a society in which the women will be able to choose freely and peacefully when to become mothers, freely from poverty and where house, food, clothing, education, health, cinema, theatre, holidays, etc., are a right of all members of the popular masses, and not something that only people with money can buy. It will be a society where sons’ birth, care and education will be a task of the whole society, and where everything what science and human knowledge produce and produced is put at the disposal of us and of our sons.

Everybody can see that the bourgeoisie is a class in decay, a giant with feet of clay that has nothing more to offer but repression against people who opposes and raises their head. This system of misery and exploitation mainly affects women of popular masses and immigrants: they are forced to work for lower wages, easily blackmailed, easy targets of chauvinist, xenophobic and racist violence that this society supports and promotes.

When corruption and flatteries do not work with people who resist and oppose this system of misery and exploitation that the bourgeoisie and its lackeys are trying to preserve, there are unleashed fascist style beaters who do the dirty work, fully protected and supported by the structures of the bourgeois state. It's the dirty war against the struggle vanguards who are carrying out the struggles of the proletarians of the whole world with determination and courage, for defending popular masses’ rights, for conquering other ones and so contributing to building a new society based on justice and proletarian solidarity.

Today more and more women and men raise their head and join themselves for carrying out struggles for the defence of their rights and their own emancipation. From Nepal to Philippine, from Turkey to Palestine, from Colombia to Peru, from Iraq to Afghanistan, fighting peoples are demonstrating not only that resisting is possible and necessary, but also that victory depends only by us.

We must answer back to the repression unleashed by the imperialist bourgeoisie against the struggle vanguards and the popular masses, to this system of death and exploitation that daily tries to sink us into misery and brutalization. We shall answer back joining ourselves in a common front of struggle for stopping bosses savagery and thirst of profit, building a socialist society led and made by and for the workers, that puts in the centre popular masses’ needs and not the interests of a handful of parasites and leeches.

The attack against Konstantina Kuneva is so severe as the one that led to the death of the young Alexis during the uprising in Greece in December. It is an attack against the masses who rebell and resist to the system of exploitation and death that the bourgeoisie wants to keep at all costs for preserving its dominance. The rebellion of the popular masses in Greece is the open expression of the resistance against the crisis that the bourgeoisie wants to be paid by the people. It is the resistance that Communists, their parties and organizations can transform in a revolutionary wave and canal in the way for building another possible and more and more necessary world, the socialism.

Let’s build an emergency government formed and supported by the popular organizations, a government of People’s Block, for facing the crisis accordingly to popular masses’ interests for getting our life and our country off the clutches of exploiters, parasites, cardinals, fascists and for advancing towards the establishment of socialism. Let’s strengthen the struggle for the emancipation of women, the fighting people, the proletarians of the whole world.
Solidarity with Konstantina and her family!

Let’s strengthen internationalist proletarian solidarity!
Let’s build a front of struggle against bourgeois repression!
Let’s transform our anger and our indignation in struggle to make Italy a new socialist country and so to strengthen fighting people’s struggle against imperialism and capitalism!

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