Sunday, June 8, 2014

Demonstration in Hyde Park London 8th June 2014 - Punjab under seige - Delhi's undeclared War on the Sikhs

British Sikhs have also been angered by the revelation in previously secret papers published by the UK government in January, which suggest that an SAS officer was recruited to help plan the operation Bluestar.

Sikhs gathered in central London for the march today 

Golden Temple anniversary marchGolden Temple anniversary march

The march was led by five Sikhs in ceremonial dress

In February, an investigation by Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood found that British military advice was given to India ahead of the attack but it had only "limited impact".

The London march, from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, was led by five Sikhs in ceremonial dress with swords drawn, and included floats on the themes of "truth", "freedom" and "justice".

Marchers carried symbolic black coffins.

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Anonymous said...

It is interesting to see the petit nationalism of Democracy and Class Struggle support other petit nationalisms in other countries ie Sikh nationalism, Tamil nationalism, Basque, etc.
Internationalism Comrade, not nationalism is the way forward. All nationalism is, in the end, just nationalism...

nickglais said...

Inter - nationalism is supporting working peoples struggles in other countries - cosmopolitanism is being supra nationally arrogant and bourgeois like RCPUSA.

There was a clear line difference in the international communist movement between the two before the rise of Khruschevite Revisionism but Avakian peddles the Khruschevite line not the Maoist line on the national question and has nothing to teach but much to learn on the national question from Irish Marxists like James Connolly and Scottish Marxists like John Maclean who knew the dialectic of national and social liberation in Imperialist countries like Britain and if Avakian had understood this he would have created a mass working class party in the USA in the 1970's instead chose to labell people like Black Workers Congress Bundists as well as Spanish American workers which demonstrated a profound misunderstanding not only of what Lenin meant by Bundism but also a profound misunderstanding of the dialectics of class and nation which he portrays has opposites in the same bourgeois way that race and class are - a little more humility and a little more learning and Avakian might grasp the dialectic of national and social liberation and reject bourgeois false dichomtomies

nickglais said...

Robert, in your useful article on Nepal in Demarcations you falsely accuse James Connolly of not criticising other socialist parties to argue that Connolly was not an internationalist but just a nationalist, this is completely false has Connolly was a critic of the British Social Democratic Federation and Hyndman's line from the 1890's.More study on Connolly and Maclean might enlighten you even at this late stage in grasping the link between the national and class questions.