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India Continues State Suppression of Democratic Activists - Denies Bail and Medicine to disabled Professor Saibaba

Delhi University Community Against Police Repression
Press Release on the continued imprisonment of G.N. Saibaba, June 13, 2014
Dr G N Saibaba, who was recently abducted from Delhi by the Maharashtra police and charged under the UA(P)A, has just been denied bail by the Gadchiroli Sessions court.
Despite strong legal grounds for releasing an “infirm” person on bail, under Section 437 of the CrPC despite clear and irrefutable evidence that he is 90% disabled and ill, and that, precisely because of his infirmity, he cannot jump bail, the court has decided he needs to remain arrested and in custody.
The full order is not yet available.
Today Dr Saibaba has sent a letter from jail stating that he is suffering from “excruciating pains in the joints, legs and vertebra”, that these are “ignored”, and that “no medicine is provided or tests are conducted”.
Despite suffering cardiac problems and high blood pressure, “irrelevant medicines are given, like pain killers…which are no use…. BP control medicines…are not given”. When he is medicated it is “without care for required and regular doses”. He says that the “unbearable conditions in jail will make him collapse soon”, that he is “dragging on with sheer will power” but that it is “not possible to drag on in the present condition for long.”
He has also written that “two or three inmates have to hold me to go to toilet at present”, because the western-style toilet (which is the only one he can use with any degree of comfort) has still not been made available, despite being promised this by the Jail Superintendent. He is finding it “impossible to survive”.
Under these circumstances, the urgency to get Dr Saibaba out has increased manifold. A Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr G N Saibaba has been constituted to expedite this, and to ensure that he is released with his innocence fully proven. The names of the Committee members will be released shortly.
Indian bourgeois media reports on Dr. GN Saibaba’s denial of bail:
THE TIMES OF INDIA (Delhi),  Jun 14, 2014
No bail for Saibaba
NAGPUR: The Gadchiroli sessions court in Maharashtra on Friday rejected the bail plea of G N Saibaba, the Delhi University lecturer arrested for alleged connections with Naxalites.
Saibaba, who teaches English at Ram Lal Anand College of Delhi University and is wheelchair-bound, is deputy secretary of Revolutionary Democratic Front. He is in custody since May 9 after Maharashtra police arrested him in Delhi.
Deccan Herald, Saturday,  14 June 2014
DU professor Saibaba denied bail, says no proper medicine in jail
Delhi University professor Dr G N Saibaba, who was arrested on charges of having Maoist links, on Friday claimed that he is finding it ”impossible to survive” in jail as ”no medicine is provided”. 

Saibaba’s comments in a letter, released as a statement by his colleagues in the capital, came soon after his bail application was declined by Gadchiroli sessions court.

The statement claimed Saibaba has sent a letter from jail stating that he is suffering from “excruciating pains in the joints, legs and vertebrae”, and that these are “ignored”. “No medicine is provided or tests are conducted,” the statement quoted from the letter.

Saibaba, a wheelchair-bound English professor, was arrested from Delhi University campus by the Maharashtra Police on May 9 after investigators claimed that “evidences have emerged” that he was acting as a “pointsman” between top Maoist leaders and cadre.
Saibaba was named in a charge sheet filed by the Maharashtra Police in a court after the arrests of a Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) student, Hemant Mishra, and activist Prashant Rahi in Gadchiroli last year. 

The police claimed that Mishra and Rahi had admitted they were acting as couriers between Maoists holed up in Chhattisgarh’s Abujmad forests and the professor. In the letter, Saibaba alleged that despite suffering from cardiac problems and high blood pressure, “irrelevant medicines are given, like painkillers, which are no use. BP control medicines are not given”.
Former journalist and activist Prashant Rahi, who is a co-accused in the case, was also denied bail. Mr. Rahi was arrested by Gadchiroli police from Maharashtra last year for allegedly acting as a courier to the Maoist leadership.

Source; Revolutionary Frontlines

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