Friday, June 20, 2014

Donetsk Miners form Military Division has Ultimatum to Kiev to Stop the War on the People expires


The Donetsk People's Republic has begun forming a division of miners, the prime minister of the self-proclaimed republic, Alexander Borodai, told ITAR-TASS on Friday.

"Formation of a division of miners, who have decided to defend their homes and families, has begun in Donetsk today.

Five hundred people are already enrolled in the ranks," he said.

The strength of the Miners' Division is expected to reach 10,000, the government head added.
"It is really a patriotic war for us," Borodai noted.

About 10,000 people marched in an anti-war demonstration of coal mining workers in Donetsk on June 18. Deputy minister of coal mining industry of the Donetsk Republic Konstantin Kuznetsov told a meeting that Donbass miners would take up arms if Kiev authorities did not stop the military operation in the region in two days.

"Miners give two days to stop the so-called anti-terrorist operation. If it does not happen, they will take up arms and will go to defend their land, wives and children," he said.

Democracy and Class Struggle says now is the time with the armed working class to make the Class Struggle the Principal Struggle, and overcome the vacillations of the  Donetsk People's Republic leadership, and take on the local Oligarchs and their Kiev masters and bring the Donetsk Industries into public/community ownership.

The internal contradiction in Ukraine between the Oligarchs and the people is the principal contradiction which has been exploited by external forces, the resolution of this contradiction will weaken the Kiev junta and their Oligarch in Chief Poroshenko whose role we have described here

Make Class Struggle the principal struggle and defeat Ukrainian Fascism and its Oligarchs..

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