Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Romania: Statement of the Communist Party of Romania regarding the current political crisis in Ukraine

The Communist Party of Romania condemns all attempts by rival imperialist super-powers to forcibly draw Ukraine into their spheres of influence. We condemn both the EU’ s attempts to put pressure on the Ukrainian government to bring the country into the EU and Russia’s attempts to put pressure on the Ukrainian government to bring the country into the so-called “Eurasiatic Union”, which is nothing but an attempt by the Russian bourgeoisie to continue with its colonial policies in regard to surrounding countries. Both the EU and the “Eurasiatic Union” are capitalist empires, both the EU and the “Eurasiatic Union” are out to mercilessly exploit the broad masses of the Ukrainian people.
We believe the non-allignment movement was fundamentally wrong, and pro-imperialist when it first came about, since the Western and Eastern blocs were fundamentally DIFFERENT in character at that particular period of time. There was the Capitalist-imperialist bloc in the West and the Socialist bloc in the East, and non-allignment was therefore, back then, a thoroughly bourgeois, reactionary and pro-imperialist policy. Non-allignment between Capitalism and Socialism always plays into the hands of capitalism and imperialism. Thing are completely different at this moment in time, however. Nowadays, the Western bloc and Eastern bloc are BOTH CAPITALIST, they are both capitalist empires and therefore non-allignment in regard to them is not only permissible but a SACRED DUTY, too. 
Ukraine has to steer an independent course between Washington and Bruxelles on one hand and Moscow on the other. Western and Russian corporations must be nationalized. No foreign military bases should be allowed on Ukrainian soil, be they Western or Russian. The entire sovereignity over Ukrainian economy, politics and military must solely rest with Kiev and not a millimetre of sovereignity should be conceded to either Washington, Bruxelles or Moscow. National independence and non-allignment will gradually, if properly and determinedly pursued, aid in the development of class-struggle within Ukraine, by making easier for the Ukrainian toiling masses to see domestic capitalists, rathere than foreign ones, as their number one enemy. The Ukrainian Revolution must first pass through an anti-imperialist stage and then, under the leadership of a Maoist vanguard, move to the next stage, that of Socialist Revolution. 

We therefore call upon all Communist groups in Ukraine to absolutely refrain from all policies of taking sides between the Western and Russian capitalist empires that equally threaten the country’s sovereignity, and take up the leading role in the struggle for Ukrainian Independence, Ukrainian Neutrality and Ukrainian Non-Allignment, that History has bestowed upon them.
Ukraine must be run from Kiev, not from Washington, Bruxelles or Moscow!

Comunicat al Partidului Comunist din Romania in legatura cu prezenta criza politica din Ucraina

Partidul Comunist din Romania condamna toate incercarile super-puterilor imperialiste rivale de a atrage cu forta Ucraina in propria lor sfera de influenta. Condamnan atat incercarile UE de a pune presiune pe guvernul ucrainean pentru aducerea tarii in UE cat si incercarile Rusiei de a face acelasi lucru in scopul aducerii tarii in asa-numita “Uniune Eurasiatica”, proiect politic ce nu reprezinta decat incercarea burgheziei ruse de a-si continua politica sa colonialista fata de tarile din jur. Atat UE cat si “Uniunea Eurasiatica” sunt imperii capitaliste, atat UE cat si “Uniunea Eurasiatica” au un singur scop fata de Ucraina- sa exploateze la sange masele largi ale poporului ucrainean.
Consideram ca miscarea de nealiniere a fost fundamental gresita la vremea aparitiei sale, si, implicit, pro-imperialista, intrucat blocul vestic si cel estic erau fundamental diferite in caracter la acea data. Exista blocul capitalist si imperialist in Vest si blocul socialist in Est, prin urmare nealinierea era atunci o politica in intregime burgheza, reactionara si pro-imperialista. Nealinierea fata de socialism si capitalism intotdeauna face joc capitalismului si imperialismului. In momentul de fata lucrurile stau insa cu totul altfel. In prezent, blocul de Vest si blocul de Est sunt AMBELE CAPITALISTE. Ambele sunt imperii capitaliste, prin urmare nealinierea in raport cu ele nu este doar permisa ci devine o DATORIE SFANTA. Ucraina trebuie sa duca o politica externa de independenta fata de Washington si Bruxelles pe de o parte si de Moscova pe de alta. Companiile detinute de capitalisti occidentali si rusi trebuiesc nationalizate. Nici un fel de baze militare straine, nici occidentale nici rusesti, nu trebuiesc ingaduite pe pamant ucrainean. Intreaga suveranitate economica, politica si militara in Ucraina trebuie sa apartina in exclusivitate Kievului, si nici un singur milimetru din aceasta suveranitate nu trebuie cedat Washingtonului, Bruxelles-ului sau Moscovei. 

Treptat, independenta nationala si nealinierea, daca sunt urmate cu consecventa si hotarare, vor usura progresul luptei de clasa in interiorul Ucrainei, facand masele muncitoare ucrainene sa vada mai usor ca burghezia autohtona, si nu cea straina, este adevaratul lor dusman. Revolutia Ucraineana trebuie sa treaca intai prin stadiul anti-imperialist, pentru ca apoi, sub conducerea unei avangarde maoiste, sa treaca in stadiul urmator, cel al Revolutiei Socialiste. Chemam asadar toate gruparile comuniste din Ucraina sa se abtina cu hotarare de la orice fel de politica a “tinerii partii” intre imperiile capitaliste occidental si rus care in mod egal ameninta suveranitatea tarii si sa isi preia rolul incredintat de Istorie de conducator in lupta pentru independenta, neutralitatea si nealinierea Ucrainei.
Ucraina trebuie condusa de la Kiev, nu de la Washington, Bruxelles sau Moscova!

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